Houthi on the approach of ISIS undermines the rights and freedom of women

English - الأربعاء 08 مارس 2023 الساعة 08:31 م
Aden, NewsYemen, exclusive:

 "As ISIS methods," this is how women were described in northern Yemen, which is under the control of the terrorist Houthi militia, Iran's arm, after their freedoms were undermined under the pretext of religion and women's protection.

 Al-Houthi reduced women's rights to zero, and doubled their suffering in movement, movement, projects, and even in hiking, under the pretext of mixing and the absence of a male relative( Mahram), at a time when he throws their husbands, brothers, and sons into the crematoriums of his fronts, so that men return to death's coffins as mere shrouds, while women remain without a breadwinner.

Since the Houthi coup against power, Yemeni women have been excluded from political, economic, social and cultural life, and prevented them from reaching decision-making centers. 

The Mufti of the Houthi group, called Shams al-Din bin Sharaf al-Din, considered at the beginning of 2021 that women's work in public places is sedition.

All the claims of Iran's arm in protecting women coincide with the Houthi escalation, which doubled the assault on women in Sana'a and other neighboring provinces.  Since September 2014, hundreds of women have been subjected to an endless series of assaults and brutal crimes against this most vulnerable group, and Houthi prisons are full of women suffering psychological and physical abuse without any legal grounds for detention.

Honor was Houthi's tool of incitement against women

 Al-Houthi used the honor and reputation of Yemeni women working in the sector of civil society organizations, with the aim of inciting the family against her and preventing her from working at a time when the militia cut the salaries of citizens in the north, and in order to blackmail organizations to obtain the largest possible amount of support provided through these organizations on the one hand, and to replace loyal elements on the other hand, the Houthi militia has the place of female workers who are not loyal to the group.

NewsYemen's sources had previously mentioned the recurring outbreak of a dispute between the Houthi militia's wings over the right to distribute UN and relief aid, the looting of the largest share of this aid in favor of influential members of the group, and the exploitation of the aid distribution process to carry out military actions.

Women's outlets and projects are forbidden

 A Houthi campaign blackmailed women's clubs, outlets, and projects, months ago, as a result of which many women's sports clubs, water pools, cafes, and houses of culture and arts were closed, and the rest were singled out by imposing arbitrary conditions, including placing Houthi cameras inside women's spaces and imposing huge sums of money.

On the approach of ISIS.. Al-Houthi restricts women's freedom

 The militia initiated arbitrary illegal measures that restricted the movement of women and their travel outside the country, the same methods of "ISIS", preventing them from traveling without a mahram except after they have implemented the Houthi procedure and filled out the form and signed it from their guardian, in addition to imposing that they are often baptized by the district leader and from the police station, otherwise the female traveler is prevented from traveling from the group's security points, and fines are imposed on any violating company.

As for inside the country and between governorates, the militia issued a ban on women from traveling in early 2021, but it has been applying it seriously in the recent period, amid continuous disapproval by women and human rights and civil organizations that call for an immediate end to targeting women and their presence in public life.

Women's complaints rose on communication platforms, after their suffering doubled after the decision to ban travel except with a mahram, that many do not have close relatives, while others are traveling in other countries or provinces.

One of the women wrote that she was prevented from leaving Sana'a and stopped at one of the points after fining the owner of the car an amount of his amount, and she was detained until her brother arrived from another governorate to pick her up, after obtaining a permit from the Houthi Interior Ministry baptized by the court.

Travelers said: They are forced to stop for up to an hour at a checkpoint in the "Naqil Yaslah" area at the southern entrance to Sana'a, due to the procedures for checking the identities of women and their companions, which are carried out by Houthi elements in buses, cars and vehicles, with the aim of preventing the travel of any single woman.

On the other hand, Al-Houthi security points took advantage of this decision by manipulating and extorting money and amounts to pass the women without a permit.