Fabrication of charges, murder, corruption and prostitution networks... A Houthi revelation highlights the features of Iran's state in Yemen

English - Thursday 26 January 2023 الساعة 03:23 pm
Sana'a, NewsYemen, exclusive:

 During the past few days, a Houthi leader named Colonel Muhammad Salah al-Houthi released video recordings in which he announced his defection from the Houthi militia - Iran's arm, and not belonging to them and all the crimes and violations they commit against the Yemeni people.

The dissident leader belongs to the village of Dar al-Sharif in the Khawlan district of the Sana'a governorate. In his recordings, he revealed acts of killing, looting, corruption, and the supervision of high Houthi leaders over prostitution networks inside Sana'a and the areas under their control.

He said: I was asked to sign the recent code of conduct, which was imposed as a document of enslavement that they want to impose on employees and all citizens of the country, explaining that he has a lot of evidence proving the validity of his allegations of the involvement of Houthi leaders and officers in prostitution networks, acts of corruption, killing and looting.

 The Houthi militia responded quickly by launching a military campaign to seize the dissident leader in an attempt to silence him.  One of his relatives - his cousin - was assigned to lead the campaign and raid the home of Colonel al-Houthi in his village, Khawlan.

The sources indicated that the Houthi militia assigned Abdul Hamid al-Houthi to lead the military campaign to seize and arrest his cousin, Colonel al-Houthi, in an attempt by the militias to involve the family in internal conflicts and feuds, explaining that the attempt to dismantle the family and create internal conflicts in it sparked the rejection and anger of the Khawlan tribes, which are considered  One of the prominent tribes of Sana'a.

According to the sources, the dissident Houthi leader managed to flee from the village of Dar al-Sharif in Khawlan to an unknown destination, after violent clashes resulted in the death of his cousin, the leader of the campaign that arrived to arrest him, while the militias carried out random shelling on his house to force him to surrender.

Revealed hidden

 The dissident leader, Muhammad al-Houthi, talked about the reality of what is going on within the sectarian courses that the Houthi militia has held for children, youth and state employees in areas under its control for years, pointing out that the Houthi authority is conducting sectarian courses for all those who criticize its corruption, crimes and violations, and everyone is forced to enter these courses.

 The leader revealed the truth of what is being taught to the participants in their sectarian courses. He said: "The participants in the courses are taught that Ansar Allah is their grandfather, Ali bin Abi Talib, and that Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq usurped power and now it is necessary to move to Ma'rib to regain power," and once again they teach them that Ansar  God knows God more than anyone, and they know God’s guidance, and Hind bint Utbah killed the uncle of the Messenger Hamzah 1400 years ago, and now my duty is a prisoner to take revenge on the killers of Hamzah after 1400 years.”

He added, "They are holding courses while children are dying of starvation in the streets, and the poor are racing over barrels of garbage." The group is talking about 1,400 years ago about Hind and who killed Hamza and usurped power.

Fabrication of charges.. as a prelude to liquidation

 The Houthi militia, through the Houthi Security Media Center, hastened to fabricate a torrent of accusations against the dissident leader from its ranks, Colonel Muhammad Al-Houthi, after broadcasting several videos exposing the militia's truth and accusing it of banditry, corruption, and running a prostitution network to entrap opponents.

 The security center claimed that the Houthi dissident from the Jahana district, east of Sana'a, is accused of killing his cousin Abdul Hamid Ahmed al-Houthi - the same person who led a military campaign to arrest him after announcing his defection and revealing a number of crimes and violations committed by his group.

According to the Houthi Center, which hastened to fabricate charges to justify the kidnapping of the dissident and prepare for his liquidation, Brigadier General Muhammad al-Houthi was arrested and referred to their competent authorities.

While activists on social media revealed that there is an attempt to liquidate Brigadier General al-Houthi in response to his defection and exposure of their scandals, which is the same method used by the militias against their opponents who are kidnapped, brought to trial and executed.

Houthi defections

 In turn, the Yemeni government, through its information minister, Muammar al-Eryani, hastened to confirm the news of the defection of the Houthi leader, linking it to the state of terror experienced by the Iranian-backed militias in their areas of control.

 Minister Al-Eryani added that the dissident leader, Mohammed Salah Al-Houthi, is the sixth kidnapped by the terrorist Houthi militia in less than a month, in light of a frenzied and continuous campaign of arrests launched by the militia against media professionals and social media celebrities who raised their voices to expose its lies and denounce its criminal practices.

 Al-Eryani published a series of tweets about the incident, stating that the Houthi militia's bombing of the home of the dissident leader, Mohammed Salah Al-Houthi, in the village of Dar Al-Sharif in the Khawlan district of Sana'a governorate, with various types of weapons, after he appeared in a video clip criticizing its corruption and the looting it practices, confirms the state of terror in which the directorate lives, in light of the escalation of defections and calls for a popular uprising.

Al-Eryani concluded his tweets by calling on the international community, the United Nations, UN and US envoys, and human rights organizations and bodies, to leave the square of shameful silence in the face of the escalation of the Houthi campaigns of repression and abuse, and to put real pressure on the militia leaders to stop prosecutions and fabricate charges against their opponents, and to release all those forcibly disappeared without restriction or condition.

 Characteristics of the Houthi state

 What the dissident Houthi leader revealed coincided with other revelations made by a number of social media activists on their pages, which included violations, corruption, and acts of looting and expropriation of state and private property.

Although the activists and in several recordings and publications supported the Houthi militia and its coup over the years, this did not intercede for them with the militias, who were quick to respond to these published and documented scandals by launching campaigns of kidnappings and carrying out mock trials broadcast by their media to smuggle citizens and opponents in their areas of control.

 Yemeni media ware Muammar al-Eryani said: "Following the footsteps of the mullahs' regime in Tehran, the Houthi militia is trying, through these repressive measures, to terrorize media professionals, journalists, activists, and every person with an opinion, position, and word, and prevent them from performing their role in exposing its crimes and violations in its areas of control, and the policies of impoverishment and starvation that it pursues against citizens."