Politicians: Shabwa's rebellion exposed the danger of the Brotherhood's ideology

English - Tuesday 09 August 2022 الساعة 04:17 pm
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

Between criticism and praise, political and press opinions were divided about the decisions of the Presidential Council, with the dismissals against the backdrop of the tense events in Shabwa.

Political journalist Sayyaf Al-Gharbani said that the most dangerous revelation of the Shabwa rebellion was the ideological combative doctrine of the so-called "special security forces".

These forces are falsely attributed to the Yemeni government, and the latter spends on them from the public treasury. In fact, they are a group of ideologues, each of them holding a pledge of allegiance to the group's guide.

He added, putting down the rebellion is a foregone conclusion. The important thing is to correct the deviant doctrine.

The son of the governor of Shabwa governorate, Muhammad bin al-Wazir, criticized the decisions in a tweet, and said: Why does the Presidential Council not order an investigation into the perpetrators of the killing and igniting sedition?!  Resolutions and bye!

He added, there must be an honest and transparent investigation of what happened in Shabwa, and the perpetrators should be held accountable, regardless of whether they are from inside or outside Shabwa.  Or that the princes of sedition are afraid of the results?!

For his part, politician Saeed Bakran said that the decisions of the Presidential Council disappoint the hopes of the people of Shabwa who suffer from rebellion against legitimacy and a coup against the state.

He added, We were waiting for the inclusion of other names from the rebels, and most importantly, we were waiting for a decision to refer the rebels to a military court to hold them accountable for the crime of rebellion.  Pointing out that the decision of the Presidency Council is weak and trembling in front of the rebellion.

In the same context of the Shabwa events, journalist Yasser Al-Yafei said that the Presidential Leadership Council presented an excellent model today, and did not form an investigation committee, but rather took a decision to dismiss and this is an advanced step to be reckoned with.