September 18...the anniversary of one of the Houthi militia’s most heinous crimes against the people of Tihama

English - Monday 18 September 2023 الساعة 06:13 pm
Hodeidah, NewsYemen:

 September 18 represents a painful memory for the people of Tihama, where nine of their sons were executed with the blood of the murdered Saleh Al-Sammad after an unfair secret trial that included severe torture that caused one of the prisoners to lose the ability to stand.

 On this day, three years ago, the Yemenis woke up to the scenes of the execution of nine of Tihama’s sons after they were accused of involvement in the assassination of Al-Samad, who was the head of the militia’s political council, without any evidence or evidence confirming this.

This brutal crime against the people of Tihama sparked popular outrage and local and international human rights condemnation, especially since the execution included a minor to whom religious provisions or statutory laws did not apply, as he had not reached puberty.

 On this day, the people of Tihama remember the looks of the nine defendants, among them unable to stand, as they awaited the execution of the death sentence against them, a clear embodiment of Houthi terrorism that has struck and continues to strike the land of Tihama since the coup until today.

 Activists on social media launched a hashtag with the hashtag “#Execution of the Tuhamians” to commemorate this painful memory and heinous crime against humanity and to remind of the nine heroes who were scapegoats for a crime they did not commit.

 During their interaction with the hashtag, the activists renewed their reminders of the old and new crimes of the Imamate against Yemenis in general, and called for unifying ranks alongside the national forces to get rid of the dominance of these militias and Iran’s project that it seeks to implement in Yemen.