Shabwa’s people refusal terrifies the authority of Ibn Adiyo and scattered the accounts of handing over the governorate to the Houthis

English - الأحد 24 أكتوبر 2021 الساعة 09:33 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen:

The southern researcher, Saeed Abdullah, confirmed that the Shabwani voices, which confirmed their rejection of the Brotherhood’s plan to hand Shabwa to the Houthis, frightened the authority of Ibn Adyio and scattered its accounts and dispersed its cards.

And he said, in a tweet to him on Twitter, that there is no justification for the anger of the Ben Adiyo authority towards the voice of Shabwa and the peaceful movements of its people, other than treason and agreement with Al-Houthi for a quiet handover without its people feeling the process, as happened in Bayhan.

He added that the voice of Shabwani's rejection of the Brotherhood's betrayal haunted the organization and dispersed the cards of the game that they want to circulate from Bayhan to the remaining directorates.

And he said, in a second tweet, that the narrowness of the Shabwa Brotherhood authority towards the popular movements and the Shabwani voice that rose saying no to handing over Bayhan, no to handing over the rest of Shabwa as it handed over Bayhan, has become clear.

He concluded that the tension and distress prove that this authority is indeed complicit with the Houthis and desires a calm handover process.