Houthis set al-Shara’abi free after being accused malicious charges 

English - Thursday 29 November 2018 الساعة 04:34 pm
Sana’a – Newsyemen 

Houthi militia on Wednesday released the political activist Ali al-Shara'abi after a period of the arbitrary detention in a prison in the Capital Sana'a, human rights sources said.

Earlier, Houthi militia kidnapped al-Shara'abi in Sana'a and jailed him at the Political Security Prison for several months, accusing him of malicious charges.

The sources said that Houthi militia set al-Shara'ab free after he was subjected to brutal tortures, inside the prison, pointing out that there are signs and there are clear on his body. 

 Ali al-Shara'abi was forced to confer confessions under torture over false charges, including a charge of the hungry revolution that showing him on Houthi channel of al-Masirah.