Army advances in al-Shuraijah front in Taiz

English - Sunday 25 November 2018 الساعة 08:24 pm
Taiz – Newsyemen

The army controlled on Sunday on a number of areas and new sites in al-Shuraijah military front in Taiz province, central Yemen, amid heavy battles against Houthi militias.

A military source said to #Newsyemen that the army pushed reinforcements to al-Shuaib area, Qarn Hill near al-Ajoz strategic hill, north al-Shuraijah / al-Rahida front.
The sources said that the army exceeded al-Hurob school, Beer Alhod and al-Shuaib, as the military clashes occur towards Bait Hamem area adjacent al-Rahida city.

Heavy military clashes are going on in al-Qais area overlooking al-Haidan Mount in several areas in al-Rahida city between the army and the Houthi militias.