With Emirati funding, the opening of the Al-Jariba water project in Shabwa

English - Thursday 25 May 2023 الساعة 06:12 pm
Shabwa, NewsYemen, exclusive:

The water sector received great attention from the package of development and relief projects adopted by the United Arab Emirates as part of the emergency response plan to alleviate the suffering of those affected in the liberated Yemeni governorates.

Marra district, north of Ataq, the center of Shabwa governorate, one of the remote areas whose people suffer from a scarcity of clean water. Where children and women suffer great hardship in fetching liters of water from long distances of more than 4 kilometers.

During the past few days, the Al-Jaribah water project was inaugurated, in the Marra region, north of the city of Ataq, with the support and funding of the United Arab Emirates. The project is a dream that the people have had for many years, waiting for a generous gesture to end their suffering in providing continuous and stable sources of clean water.

The project is to build a reservoir and a 4-kilometer line of pipelines. The Marra camp project is close to the area that is deprived of the most basic services.

The project came as an extension of the fraternal giving march implemented by the Emirates Red Crescent Authority to support the wheel of development and the normalization of conditions in the water sector.

The Director General of the Rural Water Office in the governorate, Engineer Marwan Muhammad Barwis, indicated that the leadership of the local authority, headed by the governor, Ibn Al-Wazir Al-Awlaki, made efforts with the brothers in the UAE in order to bring this project to light.

He explained that the Al-Juraiba water project - in the Marra region, is one of the life-saving projects, and comes within the fraternal support provided by the brothers in the UAE through its humanitarian arm, the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, which is making great efforts to alleviate the suffering of citizens and touches the needs of the disadvantaged and affected areas.

He said that the project brought joy and happiness to the hearts of the people who for many years traveled long distances to fetch water, not to mention that they incurred large financial burdens to secure small amounts of water that cover their essential needs.

appeal response

In turn, Majid bin Saree, the coordinator and field director of the Emirates Red Crescent team in the governorate, explained that the project was implemented with Emirati funding and in response to the appeal of the people of the region who suffer from water scarcity and difficulty in obtaining it.

He pointed out that the authority was keen, from the outset of its development and relief interventions, to touch the needs of the deputized and disadvantaged areas and provide them with the simplest services and assistance that alleviate the suffering of the people living in those areas.

In turn, the people and residents of the beneficiary areas expressed their sincere thanks and appreciation to the United Arab Emirates, and its humanitarian arm, the Red Crescent Authority, for the efforts being made to implement vital service projects to alleviate their suffering.