Saudi official: The most important points in the agreement with Iran are "secret"

English - السبت 18 مارس 2023 الساعة 06:28 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

 An official Saudi source said that the most important points in the agreement with Iran are "secret and cannot be disclosed."

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper quoted the source as saying that the Iranians were seeking to hold meetings with high-ranking Saudi officials before the agreement concluded in Beijing last Friday, which stipulated the resumption of the severed relations between them since 2016, and the reopening of the two embassies within two months.

The source announced joint Saudi-Iranian support for the Yemeni crisis, revealing that the timing of the signing of the agreement with Iran was not in vain by the Kingdom.

He explained that negotiating with Iran included respect for the sovereignty of states, adding that Riyadh could cooperate with Tehran to serve both sides.

 According to Al-Arabiya channel, the Saudi negotiating delegation included representatives of defense, foreign affairs, intelligence and state security, explaining that the Saudi-Iranian negotiation meetings continued in Beijing for 5 days, and dealt with 3 points.

They pointed out that China had a great interest in the stability and smoothness of trade and navigation in the Gulf, stressing that the Chinese role increases reassurance of Iran's commitment to the agreement with Saudi Arabia, according to the "Wall Street Journal".

According to the source, China helped Riyadh put pressure on the Iranian side during the negotiations, stressing the existence of a bilateral security and defense commitment with Iran not to attack militarily, security and intelligence.

 He explained that Riyadh had informed its allies, including the United States, before going to Beijing and signing with Iran.