Iran's arm turns against the families of the (lethal syringe) of the children of leukemia

English - Thursday 16 March 2023 الساعة 06:26 pm
Sana'a, NewsYemen, exclusive:

Despite the refusal of the families of the victims to sue the officials of the Ministry of Public Health and Population in Sana’a, in return for compensating them with limited sums of money, the Houthi militia, which runs the Ministry of Health in Sana’a, refuses to pay supposed financial compensation to the families of the dead and injured children who were victims of the contaminated dose in a case known as leukemia children, in October last year.

Almost half a year after the crime that claimed the lives of 18 children and injured dozens of children with cancer in Kuwait Hospital, when they were injected with an expired dose of treatment, the case was returned on Wednesday, March 15, to the parliament hall in Sana’a.

Parliamentary sources told (NewsYemen) that a parliamentary letter was addressed to the government, contenting itself with holding the latter responsible for not disbursing compensation to the families of the death dose victims of leukemia children.

According to the sources, the deputies listened to a message "regarding the non-implementation of the Council's recommendations, which the government side had previously committed to implementing, in the presence of the Minister of Public Health and Population, during the session held on October 25, 2022."

These recommendations included the government's commitment to disbursing ten million riyals to the family of each deceased person, and five million riyals for each leukemia-affected child as a result of the contaminated dose.

Sources working in the health sector had revealed to (NewsYemen) the entry of medicinal items into Sana'a that are classified as drugs and are smuggled from Kenya to Mogadishu and from Mogadishu to Yemen, through smugglers and influential members of the group.

Noting the involvement of leaders in the ranks of Iran's arm militia, facilitating the entry of smuggled medicines into Yemen within days, in return for obstructing and delaying agents' medicines for more than 3 months to transfer them from Aden to Sana'a.

Since its takeover of state institutions in September 2015, the Houthi militia has been practicing an unprecedented process of destruction and corruption in the health sector, including imposing exorbitant fees for treatment in government hospitals, and forcing patients to buy medicines from private pharmacies whose owners have commercial ties to leaders in the group.