In support of Governor Bin Madi.. Southern activists are calling for the deployment of elite forces in Wadi Hadramout

English - الأربعاء 25 يناير 2023 الساعة 12:18 م
Hadramout, NewsYemen, exclusive:

Southern activists, politicians, and academics called for the deployment of elite forces in the districts of Wadi Hadramout instead of the forces of the First Military Region loyal to the Islah Party, the local branch of the Brotherhood, which is accused of being involved in terrorist crimes in the valley, as well as participating in the smuggling of weapons and drugs to the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen.

Activists launched a hashtag on Twitter with the hashtag # Our demand_the spread of the elite_in the valley, in conjunction with the statements of the governor of Hadramout Mabkhout bin Madi, who indicated that the majority of the affiliates of the first region are from the northern governorates controlled by the Houthi militia, stressing that the first is that they go to fight against the Houthis and liberate their areas.

Ibn Madi, in a televised interview with Hadramout TV, expressed the fears of the people of the province about the survival of the forces of the first region in its current composition, pointing to the experience of the people of the coast with the forces of the second military region, whose members left in conjunction with the entry and occupation of the city by al-Qaeda in April 2015.

He said, "The enemy we are facing today is the Houthi group, which is present in the northern governorates, to which most of the members of the first region belong... If the Houthi enemy that we are facing is an enemy for them, then let them go and fight him in their provinces. And if they view him as a friend, how do we want the friend of Houthi to be among us?!”

Southern activists and politicians interacted through the hashtag with the speech of the governor of Hadramout, academic Dr. Saddam Abdullah says, "We said it over and over again, the security and stability of any region will not be preserved except for its sons and those who carry loyalty after God to the homeland, and there is no need to experiment with the experiment, and the best evidence is the handing over of the coast in 2015 to al-Qaeda from  The same as the first region, and the words of the governor Mabkhout are clear, so treating the disease before it spreads is easier.”

While the journalist and activist Abdulaziz Al-Hamidi confirmed that Hadramout rejects patchwork solutions, he said, "Procrastination and circumvention of the demands of the people of Hadhramaut is unacceptable. Hadhramaut will not accept half-solutions. Hadramout wants a clear and frank position from the Arab coalition towards the non-implementation of the Riyadh agreement and consultations by the Brotherhood militia."

As for the Hadrami politician and journalist, Haddad al-Kaf, he said, "The deployment of Hadrami elite forces in the valley and desert of Hadramout will block the way for the Houthi militia's arms smuggling operations, and will block the way for drug dealers of all kinds."

For his part, journalist Osama bin Fayed, he pointed out that the governor of Hadhramaut, Mabkhout bin Madi, was clear in his speech that the time had come to enable the people of Hadramout to manage their affairs, and that leadership with the people was in the right path, away from the owners of projects that would destroy Hadhramaut and its security.