Show the Houthi mask.. The formation of a new military sector in Al-Mahra drives the Brotherhood mad

English - Monday 23 January 2023 الساعة 03:55 pm
Al-Mahra, NewsYemen, Private:

The prominent Brotherhood leaders in Al-Mahra Governorate, eastern Yemen, did not find a response to the movements of the Presidential Leadership Council to rectify the situation of the military forces in the governorate, except for issuing threats and vowing rebellion and betrayal against legitimacy to protect their influence and authority within Al-Mahra.

Recently, a decision issued by the President of the Presidential Leadership Council, Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, was published regarding the formation of a new military sector in the border directorate of Shahn with the Sultanate of Oman, and attaching the sector to the Al-Ghaydah axis, which is led by Major General Mohsen Marsa’, commander of the Al-Ghaydah axis - the commander of the military police in the governorate.

The creation of a national force that does not support the Brotherhood, comes within presidential decisions and directives to reduce the influence of the Islah Party, which controls military formations in Al-Mahra and exploits them to achieve its subversive agenda and target the legitimate government and the Arab coalition.

According to the document circulated by activists, the first article stipulated naming the new unit the Military Shipping Sector, while the second article stipulated that the unit follows the Al-Ghaydah military axis, and the third article stipulated defining the scope of the unit’s tasks as the Shipping Directorate, including the land port and any other tasks assigned to it.  

The Brotherhood's rebellious movements against the new presidential decisions in Al-Mahrah recently emerged through meetings of the Brotherhood leader loyal to the Houthis, Ali Salem Al-Huraizy, who appointed himself head of the so-called Peaceful Sit-in Committee.  And who came out with statements and threats to thwart what he called all external schemes and conspiracies that continue to plunder the province's wealth and seek to control it.  As he says.

Al-Huraizy saw the process of reducing the influence of the Islah party and correcting the conditions of the military forces in Al-Mahrah as a big conspiracy against the governorate, claiming that the sit-in committee he heads is a safety valve for this governorate.

Although the steps of the Presidential Council aimed at correcting the course of legitimacy and ending the Brotherhood’s influence in it are proceeding slowly, the decisions taken in Shabwa, Al-Jawf, and currently Al-Mahra are in the interest of rebuilding a national force away from the partisan formations that impeded the process of liberating the country and restoring the state from the control of the Houthi militia – Iran’s arm In Yemen.

Observers believe that the first serious corrective decisions in Al-Mahrah governorate began with the appointment of Major General Mohsen Marsa' as commander of the Al-Ghaydah axis, in addition to his position as commander of the military police forces.  Major General Marsa'a is one of the national military leaders who is not loyal to the Brotherhood wing, and his appointment angered Brotherhood leaders, led by Salem Al-Huraizy, who made statements announcing his rejection of the decision, in addition to media outlets and Brotherhood activists inside and outside Al-Mahra launching frenzied campaigns against the man.

Major General Marsaa assumed the task of commanding the Al-Ghaydah axis, and began the task of securing the coastal strip and the land outlet with the Sultanate of Oman, which is the first step in the direction of curtailing the vast smuggling operations that were supervised by military and local Brotherhood leaders loyal to the Houthis.  Al-Mahra represents one of the most important smuggling lines that the Houthi militia relied on to deliver weapons, drones and missiles coming from Iran, in addition to shipments of drugs and contraband.

Corruption and infiltration of the Brotherhood in the military forces in Al-Mahrah prompted the Presidential Council to form new national forces and assign them the task of securing and protecting the Shipping Directorate and its international port linking with the Sultanate of Oman.

Al-Huraizy, in the last meeting of the sit-in committee that he chairs in Al-Mahrah, revealed an upcoming plot that will be implemented in all the governorate's districts under the cover of thwarting all the strategic plots of what he called the "occupation" forces.  In reference to the military forces outside the control of the Brotherhood and supported by the Presidential Council and the Arab coalition.

Al-Huraizy pointed out to the arrival of Egyptian forces to Mayon Island, considering that this is a very dangerous matter and warns of new developments in the war in Yemen, noting that these moves are behind America and Israel through its well-known agenda.  These statements are largely identical to the statements made by the Houthi leaders in order to deceive children and youth and send them to the crematorium of death.