The Tihami people rally in Al-Khoukha and the governor of Hodeidah: The new Imamis robbed the Yemenis of their state

English - الثلاثاء 20 سبتمبر 2022 الساعة 05:38 م
Al-Khokha, NewsYemen, Special:

 Al-Khoukha, the capital of the liberated province of Hodeidah, witnessed, on Tuesday morning, a mass demonstration to denounce the crimes of the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, against civilians, the most recent of which was the forced displacement and looting of the lands of the people of the Qasra village south of Bait al-Faqih district.

The protesters condemned the continuing campaign of abuse and robberies carried out by Iran's arm against the residents of four villages in the village of Al-Qasra.

The leaders of the Tuhami brigades in the joint forces and a number of symbols of the Tuhami community participated in the sit-in, raising the flags of the Republic of Yemen and the flags of the Tuhami movement.

The protesters raised banners denouncing the international silence about the Houthi terrorist militia launching an armed campaign to loot the homes, lands and properties of the residents of Al-Qasra villages, killing and displacing a number of residents, as well as kidnapping more than one hundred citizens and assaulting others.

The sit-down comes on the first anniversary of the Houthi execution of accusative figures under political rulings.

The Governor of Al-Hodeidah Governorate, Dr. Al-Hassan Taher, expressed his concern about what is happening to the citizens in the isolation of Al-Qasra, and the Houthi militia vowed to respond with a deterrent and extract the rights of the Tihami people from the grip of the new Imamis.

The governor called on the United Nations to end the Stockholm Agreement, which he described as unjust against the people of Tihama in all areas under the authority of the Iranian Houthi militia.

He stressed that the people of Tihama, with the support of their brothers in the joint forces, are fully prepared to defeat the Houthi militia and restore the republic that the Houthis stole on September 21, 2014.

Governor Taher indicated that the continuation of the Stockholm Agreement has narrowed the noose around the Tuhamis, as they stand idly by in front of the terrorist group's practices, the latest of which was what it did against the Qasra people.

The Houthi militia had launched massive displacement operations against the residents of Qasra isolation and looted lands considered among the most fertile agricultural lands in the Bait al-Faqih district and extending for a length of 10 km.