A new (sectarian - dynastic) authority..a complete modernization of the electricity sector in Sana'a

English - الجمعة 17 يونيو 2022 الساعة 07:27 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen:

 Contrary to the government's unrecognized pledges, which included stopping the creation of any new (virtual) government institutions or bodies, the Houthi militia - the Iranian arm in Yemen - is heading to acquire the electricity sector in Sanaa and its neighboring governorates and privatize it completely to develop the group's investments.

 Instead of rehabilitating electric power and providing it to citizens by providing the fuel needed to operate the existing stations, especially after the introduction of oil derivatives ships under the armistice agreement, the Houthi militia went to announce what it called (the establishment of the General Corporation for Electrical Industries and Renewable Energy) with what it said was a republican decision No. 32  For the year 2022 , the leader in its ranks appointed to the position of Deputy Minister of Electricity, Abdul Ghani Muhammad Al-Madani, was the head of the newly created divisional institution. 

During the first days of the truce, the Houthi militia imposed on April 7 an additional price dose in the electricity tariff, as the price of kilowatt-hours rose from 340 before the truce, to 420 riyals per kilo after the truce, and accordingly the price of commercial electricity tariffs rose from 450 riyals before the truce.  The armistice amounted to 600 riyals after the armistice.

The Houthi militias practice extensive blackmailing against the owners of commercial generation stations, merchants and citizens in their areas of control, and impose on them from time to time illegal levies and royalties.