The transition of the battles of Marib to a combat theater in the Middle Balaq and the outskirts of the Wadi District

English - Monday 13 December 2021 الساعة 02:40 pm
Marib, NewsYemen, Private:

The battles in Marib have moved to a new combat scene in light of the continuing violent battles in the vicinity of the southern governorate center, according to field sources, confirming that the battles have moved during the past few hours to the "Al-Balaq and Ramlat Al-Saba'een" fronts in the Al-Wadi district, southeast of the city of Marib.

The sources stated that fierce battles were being waged by tribesmen and units of the army affiliated with the legitimate government, on the "Al-Falaj" front in the Middle Balkans, and on the outskirts of the Wadi Directorate from the eastern Balaq side, after the Iranian-backed Houthi militia imposed its control over the site of "Lada, Hama" and the mountains of Entire Eastern Balaq

She stated that the Saudi-led coalition fighters have been trying since dawn today to impede the progress of the Houthis towards new sites in those areas, and that they launched more than 12 raids on the eastern Baluk and the Ramle desert, which led to the destruction of Houthi mechanisms as part of the reinforcements that were pushed to those fronts, and left 15 Houthi deaths, and a number  a large number of wounded.

Four raids were also launched on Houthi sites in the Serwah district, west of the governorate, which led to the destruction of a warehouse of weapons and combat equipment for the Houthis in the district.

During the past two days, the Houthi militia advanced on the "Lada" front in the eastern Balaq, before imposing its full control over the eastern Balaq, and the incursion through two axes towards the Valley Directorate from the desert side, and towards the "Al-Falaj" area in the Middle Balaq, which is the only outlet towards the city of  Ma'rib is the governorate center from the southern side.

Despite the Houthis achieving a qualitative breakthrough towards the Balaq, the cost was great, as the statistics from the field spoke of 7,000 dead, including 170 prominent Houthi leaders, as well as hundreds of wounded, while more than 122 combat vehicles were destroyed, including six tanks, armored vehicles and crews.  Katyusha rocket launchers.

These field developments coincided with the continuation of violent fighting between the two sides in the axes of "Um Reesh, Al-Faliha and Al-Amud" in the Al-Juba district, south of the governorate, as well as the Al-Kasara and Al-Mashjah fronts in the Serwah district in the west, where those areas have witnessed fierce battles 48 hours ago.