A Houthi gang expels a parliamentarian from his house in Sana'a and seizes it by force

English - الخميس 25 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 07:27 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen:

An armed gang affiliated with Houthi leaders stormed the house of a member of the Yemeni Parliament, in Sana'a, which is under the control of the Houthi militia, and seized it, while expelling the representative from his house in broad daylight.

 Representative Abdo Bishr said, on his Facebook account, Tuesday evening, that a group of elements he described as "arrogant" broke into the house of Sheikh Hassan Soud Hafaj, a member of Parliament in Sana'a, and expelled him from inside it in broad daylight.

Representative "Bishr" directly accused the Houthi militia of being behind the operation, as it is the one who controls the entire grip on Sanaa.

Representative Bishr said: "It is strange that we did not even hear that one of the robbers, looters and hooligans were removed or held accountable for a simple reason (they are in this together).

He stressed that "all those behaviors that are practiced against the citizen and members of the Council without any constitutional or legal justification, and his presidency did not take any action to stop the tampering with the citizens and members of the Council."

He asked: "Do these people realize that the role will come upon them to get expelled from their homes, markets, and buildings, and what they have hoarded previously or during the years of aggression? and ask them where did you get this from...?"  According to him.

Bishr affirmed that what Sheikh Hafaj was subjected to was "because of his silence, like other members, about the Houthis' stifling siege of residential cities like the Fifties, the Presidency, Saawan and others."  

These areas are subject to robberies by the Houthi militia gangs, and others are sheltered by the militia itself.