The head of the British organization: Hadi's office supports the violations of the Brotherhood militia in Shabwa

English - منذ 44 يوم و 3 ساعة
Aden, NewsYemen:

The head of the British Organization for the Defense of Human Rights, Anis Al-Shareq, accused the office of the presidency and the legitimate government of complicity in the violations of the Brotherhood's authority against the people of Shabwa governorate, southeast of Yemen.

The partner said on his Facebook page, that the violations and kidnappings carried out by the Shabwa governor's forces will not stop, because they are practiced under the auspices and protection of the office of the President and the Government, and the commander of the Saudi forces in Shabwa, and it is met with indifference and silence from the Southern Transitional Council.

He considered that the target and the victims are the sons of Shabwa, people of dissenting opinion, members of the Shabwa Elite, supporters of the Transitional Council, and travelers from the people of the south across the line leading to Mukalla, which is controlled by points belonging to the Shabwa governor and a certain government.

The partner called on the Southern Transitional Council to bear moral responsibility in front of these violations, and also held the Prime Minister and the commander of the Saudi forces in Shabwa fully responsible for these violations.