A Houthi leader and academic at the University of Sanaa attacked his group

English - السبت 08 فبراير 2020 الساعة 10:29 ص

Academic leader in the Houthi militia group Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Saadi, Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at the Faculty of Arts, University of Sanaa, criticised Al-Houthi Group after the recent abuses.

Al-Saadi, in a post, condemned the recent and barbaric attack, according to him, on his colleague, Dr. Ali Baalawi, a professor at the Department of Sociology / College of Arts since the early 1990s.
This came a week after Baalawi was expelled from the lecture hall and pursued outside the college, and he was forcibly prevented from entering it to give his lectures or attend the department’s meeting.

Al-Saadi added, that the flagrant and shameless violation of the university campus would not have occurred, and the perpetrators of the violation should feel pride and victory except to ignore the "Universities Law" and its executive regulations when appointing some people to important academic positions that does not meet one of the conditions for occupying the position.

Pointing out that the procedures and decisions that have been taken are enough to say that some are oral or secret.
He asked by saying: Whoever is appointed in this way exercises the powers of the position he occupies and exceeds the powers of the president and the university council, and he undertakes abuses that are not permitted by law even for the president of the state, and he does all this because he has absolute immunity, so no one dares to hold him accountable, let alone hold him accountable whatever he does.

He concluded his speech by asking the wise men of the group, saying: To serve whom is all this happening? And in the interest of being silent and sometimes even encouraged?
It is worth noting that Al-Saadi, who was a fan of the movement and admired of its higher leadership, previously attacked Al-Ansar’s policy, especially after one of the supervisors from the “House of Honor of Religion” dominated the College of Arts with questionable academic certificates.