CBY: handling balances in Sana'a against transfer activity & pay taxes to Aden

English - Saturday 01 December 2018 الساعة 04:07 pm
Aden – Newsyemen

An informed source at the Central Bank of Yemen (CBY) said that Tadhamon international Islamic bank established a public administration in the interim capital Aden and gave it full powers.

The move came after 27 months after the transfer of the CBY's Bank's headquarters to Aden and run its operations on 18 Sep. 2016.

Special source to Newsyemen said that the CBY held a meeting with the representatives of commercial, Islamic banks and exchange companies, held at the bank's headquarters in Aden recently.

The CBY and the representative discussed the handling of the funds in Sana'a. The CBY expressed its readiness to deal with them provided that the balances are fully transferred and the taxes paid, including other commitments to Aden.

The CBY in Aden seeks to run its exchange operations in Aden. The CBY lost its control of the commercial and Islamic banks in the capital Sana'a, which is controlled by Houthis since Sep. 2014.