Al-Houthi describes those who do not participate in his group’s celebration of the Prophet’s birthday as pre-Islamic people

English - Monday 18 September 2023 الساعة 03:14 pm
Sanaa, NewsYemen, exclusive:

The leaders of the Houthi militia are moving these days in a feverish race against time to mobilize citizens in areas under their control to attend the group’s celebration of the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday.

On a visit to the Sanhan and Bani Bahloul district, on Sunday, the leader of the coup militia, Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi, said that not celebrating the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday is considered “great contemporary ignorance,” calling on the Sanhan and Bani Bahloul tribes to attend the event that the militia is holding in Al-Sabeen Square on Rabi’ 12. The first of this month, corresponding to September 27.

In the tone of someone calling on people to embrace Islam for the first time, the Houthi leader began urging the citizens of Sanhan and Bani Bahloul to follow the path of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, “and to emulate and adhere to what he brought”... and “to return to God Almighty,” repeating his talk about “The Great Ignorance” and ways to confront it by attending the Seventy Event, considering that not celebrating the Messenger of God is shameful.

The Houthi leaders have been mobilizing for more than a week to mobilize citizens in areas under their control to attend events dedicated to celebrating the Prophet’s birthday, especially what they call the central event in Al-Sabeen Square. This mobilization comes in light of the difficult living conditions that people are experiencing in terms of lack of livelihood and basic needs, but Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi called on the tribes to celebrate the birth and attend the central event in the seventies, on the basis that the movement for these celebrations must be motivated by love for the Messenger of God and faith in him, without the need to Article, indicating that the tribal sheikhs must mobilize their members up to seventy at their own expense.

Al-Houthi repeated the song that the Houthi leaders, including the leader of the group, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, used to repeat about the role of the Yemenis in supporting the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, and his family. This is what activists and clerics consider religious blackmail practiced by the group on Yemenis in the name of Islam and the Messenger of Islam, despite all Yemenis embracing the Islamic religion early in the Prophet’s mission and abandoning other previous religions.

Activists and moderate clerics consider that the behavior of the Houthi militia in using the Islamic religion and the status of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, is offensive to both the religion and the Prophet, and that its statements and behavior in dealing with citizens and running the country have become repulsive to people and enhance the tension in their souls against this obscurantist group, in particular In light of the deteriorating living conditions of citizens, the lavish lives led by the group’s leaders and those close to them, and the imaginary spending on sectarian activities that remind Yemenis of the dark past of the rule of the imams.

As a result of this tension, the militia leaders fear that people will be alienated even from the event of the Prophet’s birthday, despite their love for the Messenger of God, their following of his life, and their commitment to the teachings of Islam, which are better than the commitment of the militia leaders, who have clearly begun to sense people’s resentment against them.

As part of the crowd for the event that the militia intends to hold in Al-Sabeen Square and the Revolution Stadium in Sanaa, the capital, the leader of the group, Abdul Malik Al-Houthi, came out last Saturday in a mobilization speech urging people to attend the event as they have attended in past years, repeating his usual conversations that people are tired of hearing. About “the forces of tyranny and arrogance,” the “Zionist lobby,” and other slogans that the group relies on to mislead people and rally them to its ranks.