The Houthi militia escalates tracking and kidnapping campaigns

English - Sunday 28 May 2023 الساعة 04:27 pm
Aden, NewsYemen, exclusive:

Over the past weeks, the terrorist Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, has escalated tracking and kidnapping campaigns in its areas of control, in conjunction with its continued arbitrary detention of dozens of civilians it arrested in military campaigns in Ibb and Al-Bayda.

The latest kidnappings this time, according to local sources, affected two academics, a military commander and a judge in Sana'a, and sources told (NewsYemen) that, "A force affiliated with the so-called Security and Intelligence Service of the militia kidnapped Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Abdel-Malik Al-Alfi six days ago and took him to one of its prisons." in Sana'a."

According to the sources, the kidnapping of "Al-Alfi", who is the son of Brigadier General Dr. Muhammad Abdul Malik Al-Alfi, one of the republic's militants and former head of the Survey Authority, came because of his opposition to the Houthis, and it is the second kidnapping, as he was previously subjected to a kidnapping and enforced disappearance after Houthi gunmen stormed his clinic and severely beat him until His blood was spilled on the 9th of April 2019.

In the context, the former head of the Faculty Syndicate at Sana'a University, Dr. Abdullah Ali Al-Maqaleh, revealed that he was imprisoned last Saturday for the second time, on the background of a guarantee case that the court decided 13 years ago.

This comes as Judge Abdullah Ali Al-Qadi faces an unknown fate, following his abduction by masked gunmen affiliated with the same party about twenty days ago.

In the same regard, informed sources told (NewsYemen) that gunmen affiliated with a Houthi leader who hails from Ma'rib governorate have continued to detain Major General "Abdul Hakim Jagman", a military commander in one of the military brigades in Dhamar, about two months after his abduction.

According to the sources, gunmen affiliated with a prominent Houthi leader from the "Taiman" family kidnapped "Jagman" from a street in Sana'a and took him, bypassing dozens of militia points, to the Jahm area in Serwah, Marib.

The sources indicated that the kidnapping came due to disagreements over large financial accounts between Jagman's son and the kidnappers.

The Houthi militia uses kidnapping crimes as part of a systematic strategy aimed at intimidating opponents and those who reject its policy.

On the 9th of this month, the villages of Beit Al-Khidr in Al-Sawadiyah District, Al-Bayda Governorate (central Yemen), witnessed raids targeting the homes of residents in the Beit Al-Khidr area, with a Houthi military campaign in which patrols and military vehicles were used, and they imposed a siege by which all roads and accesses leading to and from the villages of Beit Al-Khidr were blocked.

Meanwhile, Iran's arm continues to kidnap dozens of residents of the ancient city of Ibb, who participated in the funeral of the activist Hamdi Al-Khawlani, nicknamed "Al-Mukhal", who was killed inside the security department under the administration of the Houthi militia on the 19th of last March, due to his criticism in videos of the militia, as the funeral that took place in The first of last Ramadan led to an angry demonstration, in which the mourners chanted slogans against the militia, which they accused of liquidating him inside the prison, and demanded its departure.