Unity discussions.. Brotherhood party arrogance targeting the south and serving Houthi

English - Saturday 20 May 2023 الساعة 07:17 pm
Aden, NewsYemen, exclusive:

The annual discussions about Yemeni unity and its future escalated this year on social media, especially after the defiant and arrogant language that many activists and politicians affiliated with the Islah Party, the local branch of the Brotherhood in Yemen, showed.

In their discussions, Brotherhood activists went away from the national battle to rid Yemen of Iran's hegemony towards sterile threats that serve only the Houthi militia, which it exploited to win over tribes and mobilize fighters under the pretext of "preserving unity" while the main goal is to control the south and subjugate it to its sectarian project.

Although many northern activists and politicians acknowledged that the reality of secession was imposed by the Houthi militia before the southern powers, which met recently in the capital, Aden, at the invitation of the Southern Transitional Council, and signed a charter of honor regarding the unification of their efforts and continuous struggle since 2007, and they recognized the right of the southerners to determine their own destiny in light of the ambiguity of the general scene of the Yemeni crisis. However, those affiliated with the Brotherhood movement forgot the Houthi separatist measures and directed their arrows towards the southern forces and their national alignment, which is considered the first republican alignment that refuses to have any links with the Iranian militia in Sana'a.

The Brotherhood's threat language coincided with the Houthi militia's statements, which were also quick to threaten and claim that unity is the decision and will of the people, and the Yemeni people will preserve it and will not be subject to any external or political bids.

The language of threat, intimidation, and arrogance emanated from Turkey, Qatar, and Oman regarding unity angered the southerners, who were and still are extending a helping hand to the people of the northern governorates, and confirmed more than once their support for any military move that seeks to rid Yemen of Iran's militia and its sectarian project that continues to infiltrate and expand in its areas of control.

Journalist Nashwan al-Othmani asserts that any language that is superior to the issue of the south will not be worthy of respect and discussion. Turkey Tawakkol Kerman.

And he added, "Let us keep a sober language that presents the facts as they are, thus victorious for just causes wherever they may be. If you do not see this cause as just, that is your concern."

But it goes beyond your reasoning even further; imposed by its true and just logic. Say what you want, but the truth has one face," stressing that the path has only brought this path to this level in reality, except for such a lofty language.