Al-Qaeda attacks the defense of Shabwa with Houthi aircraft

English - Saturday 20 May 2023 الساعة 07:15 pm
Shabwa, NewsYemen, exclusive:

Al-Qaeda announced that it had carried out a drone attack that targeted a site of the Shabwa Defense Forces in the Al-Musayna area on Tuesday, and this is the first time that the terrorist organization has used drones in its attacks.

Accounts affiliated with the organization on social media published pictures of the terrorist attack, and confirmed that it carried out it through drones.

The Shabwa Defense Forces in Beihan, Asilan and Markha were subjected to similar Houthi attacks via drones similar to the Musina'a attack, which confirms the arrival of the drones to the base through the Houthi militia.

The Houthi terrorist service is not the first, as intelligence reports of the southern forces revealed in the past months that quantities of weapons and explosives had arrived for al-Qaeda members in Abyan and Shabwa coming from the Houthi group through al-Bayda governorate, which is controlled by Iran.

Terrorist attacks, according to military sources, originate primarily in areas under the control of the Houthis, from which the elements launch to target the forces and plant explosive devices, and then return to take shelter in those areas under the protection of the Iranian arm.

With the launch of Operation Arrows of the East to purify the areas of Abyan from terrorist organizations, the Houthi media launched its war against the southern forces, trying to thwart the security campaign.

And with the battles of Wadi Omran, southern military sources confirmed that the Houthi drones flew over the area, and the aircraft flew over the city of Mudiya when the southern forces entered the district, noting that the forces launched anti-aircraft guns and forced them to return to the areas of the Houthi militia.

The question remains, how did the drones reach Al Qaeda and who sent them? However, the repeated targeting of the Houthi air force and al-Qaeda's explosives and explosives for the Shabwa Defense Forces, the clear servility between the two groups, and the similarity of the air force that bombed the force in Musina'a with the Houthi group's air force, which it displays and publishes in its media, confirms that it is the first supporter of terrorism to destabilize the security and stability of Shabwa and the south.