To limit the movements of al-Qaeda militants, the southern forces are pushing new reinforcements to secure Mudiyah

English - Wednesday 17 May 2023 الساعة 05:30 pm
Abyan, newsyemen, private:

The southern forces pushed, with new military reinforcements, to the Mudiyah district, Abyan governorate, in the south of the country, as part of the deployment plan aimed at securing the district and pursuing al-Qaeda members in the central regions of the governorate.

Units from the 1st Battalion of the 2nd Brigade Forces, Support arrived in Mudiyah areas and began to deploy in a number of locations, especially in the Umbaqira area, where former forces participating in Operation Arrows of the East are stationed.

These military reinforcements, which arrived in the Mudiya district in central Abyan, come in accordance with the deployment plan announced by the Southern Armed Forces Command and under the supervision of the Arab Coalition forces. It aims to secure Mudiyah from elements of extremism and terrorism that launch terrorist attacks from time to time against the joint southern forces stationed there.

The Commander of the Second Brigade, Support and Support in Abyan, Brigadier General Mazen Al-Junaidi, indicated that the deployment operation carried out by the units of the brigade aims to participate in the process of purging and pursuing terrorist elements that launch treacherous and cowardly operations against the security and military forces participating in Operation Arrows of the East, which was launched several months ago to secure Abyan from Terrorism and its tools.

He added, "We are here and we will go as far as the situation requires and the country demands us, and we will not hesitate for a moment in defending the south from all forms of futility and attempts to create chaos, target our regions, and assassinate the people of our southern armed forces."

He said: We will stand like steel in confronting the enemies of the homeland, and we call on all those deceived to return to the embrace of the homeland, adding: "We are walking at a steady pace to secure the south in accordance with the directives of the political leadership headed by President Major General Aidaroos bin Qasim Al-Zubaidi, the Supreme Commander of the Southern Forces."

The military commander sent a message to the people of Abyan: We are from you and to you, and we share your joys and sorrows, and we have a great responsibility to defend our land and protect it from all attempts to tamper with it, calling for close ranks and unification to face all challenges that try to undermine Abyan and perpetuate extraneous phenomena that have not Be one of the values and morals of our people in Abyan.

The Commander of the Second Brigade, Support and Support in Abyan, Brigadier General Mazen Al-Junaidi, said that Abyan deserves to be given lives, and we will not allow anyone to tamper with its security and disturb public tranquility, whatever the justifications, so there is no coexistence with terrorism.

He extended his thanks and gratitude to the Arab coalition forces led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for their unlimited support for the southern forces. This fraternal stance is an embodiment of the fraternal interdependence between the south and the Arabian Gulf, and an awareness of the moral and historical responsibility, blood ties, and the common destiny of the south and the Gulf as a whole.

The brigade commander inspected a number of military sites of the southern forces in a number of areas, including the Omran area in the Mudiya district of Abyan.

The deployment and security moves came just days after the southern forces were able to clear and secure Wadi al-Khayala, the last stronghold of al-Qaeda in the al-Mahfad district, adjacent to the Mudiya district.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Security Belts, Brigadier General Mohsen Al-Wali, confirmed that the southern forces were able to clear the Cavalry Valley in an operation dubbed "Abyan Tiger 2", and also found an explosive device factory used by terrorist groups in their sabotage operations.

The governor added, in a statement to him: The "Abyan Tiger 2" campaign was launched as part of the Arrows of the East campaign to purify the Cavalry Valley and the mountains overlooking the valley, as terrorist groups have tried in recent days to randomly fire mortars at the district and at the forces stationed in locations near the valley.

The governor indicated that a minesweeper was included in the campaign to clear the Valley of the Cavalry for the first time, stressing the destruction of a number of hideouts of terrorist groups during the process of securing the valley and the surrounding mountains.