Houthi sectarian changes to the secondary school curriculum

English - السبت 18 مارس 2023 الساعة 04:33 م
Private, NewsYemen, Marib:

Educational sources revealed that the Houthi militia - the Iranian arm in Yemen - made major changes with a sectarian dimension to the secondary education curricula after distorting the curricula of the basic classes.

The sources warned of the dangers of the changes made by the militia to the school curricula in the areas under its control, in a way that serves its agenda by changing the facts of history, falsifying it, and politicizing the historical narrative.

This came in an intellectual and cultural symposium organized by the Pen Foundation for Thought and Culture, on Tuesday, in the city of Ma'rib, on the Houthi bulldozing of school curricula.

According to educators, Iran's arm has moved towards the nationalization of the education sector in its areas of control as part of its multi-track war against the Yemenis.

In order to generalize the Iranian experience, the Houthi militia imposed the teaching of the decimated lieutenant Hussein Al-Houthi, and allocated millions of riyals to print it, while depriving teachers in the areas under their control of their salaries.

At the symposium, educational leaders reviewed some models of the Houthi militia's distortions of the school curricula for the basic classes.

They explained that the militia is promoting in the school curricula the weapons it uses as a form of violent mobilization in the minds of young people.

The militia’s school curricula also included recruiting children and calling them to follow the path of the Salafis, pointing out that they devoted themselves to sectarian ideas through lessons that urge students to follow what the militia claims are the flags of guidance.

The educational leaders pointed out that the militia's bulldozing and changing the school curricula with sectarian ideas serves its Iranian project, which is a danger to society and the disruption of its social fabric.

The participants called on the government to activate the educational channel and broadcast awareness programs that would immunize students from the danger of the Houthi sectarian project, and called on the Ministry of Education to review the school curricula and purify them from some dynastic ideas.

Participants in the symposium stressed the need for the Ministry to form educational teams to formulate the national education and history curricula in order to achieve the rooting of Islamic identity and the consolidation of national identity.

 The demands of the participants in the symposium to the Ministry of Awqaf and Guidance included drafting a comprehensive national discourse guide that preserves the national identity and social fabric.

He also called on the government to activate the educational channel and broadcast awareness programs that would immunize students from the danger of the Houthi sectarian project.

A study prepared by the Teachers Syndicate in this regard said that the changes made by the militia are similar to those in the Iranian and Iraqi curricula, and it aims to impose an education that adopts the thought and doctrine of Wilayat al-Faqih and supports what is called limiting the state to the two abdomens and the right of Houthi and his dynasty to rule without others.

The results of the study of the contents of the curriculum for the current year showed that the content of these changes will generate a state of chaos whose results cannot be predicted, as the educational process is subjected to systematic politicization and tampering with its contents.