Supply continues from Marib and Hodeidah.. A fuel and domestic gas crisis is suffocating the residents of Sana'a

English - Tuesday 14 March 2023 الساعة 02:44 pm
Sana'a, NewsYemen, exclusive:

 Sana'a and a number of governorates under the control of the Houthi militia are witnessing a new crisis in fuel and domestic gas, amid the boom of black markets that sell these materials at double and unjustified prices, despite the flow of oil derivatives through the port of Hodeidah, which is under the control of Iran's arm.

Local residents of Sana'a told "NewsYemen" that they are experiencing a suffocating crisis in fuel and domestic gas, while these materials are being provided on the black market at high prices.  Where the price of a gallon of gasoline reached 10 thousand riyals, while the price of a gas cylinder reached 11 thousand riyals, in light of its lack of availability and the continued prohibition of direct sales to citizens from official points.

 And they reported that the militias used to sell the family one cylinder per month, through Iqal al-Harat, but now some families have not received it for a month and are forced to buy it from the black market, for an amount exceeding 14 thousand riyals, in light of the difficult living situation.

The speakers described to "Newsyemen" what is happening with them as a deliberate process of humiliation, and said that the Houthi leaders, who control the oil and gas companies, enjoy torturing and abusing the citizen.

They explained that "the heads of the neighborhoods sell the gas cylinder underweight within forty days, at a price of six thousand riyals (equivalent to 12 dollars), in addition to forcing them to buy from the black market of the Houthi leaders, stressing that the flow of ships and gas trailers coming from Hodeidah or Marib did not  It changes something and that the crises continue and the prices are high.

According to local sources, the domestic gas cylinder is sold to the Houthi gas company in Sana'a by the Safer Gas Company in Marib at the official price, equivalent to $3 per cylinder of 20 liters, in light of the militia's refusal to allow local merchants who declared their willingness to import domestic gas and sell it to citizens at low prices.

The new fuel and gas crisis in Sana'a, Amran and Ibb comes despite the continued flow of gas to the Houthi-controlled areas from Marib without any interruption, in addition to the unhindered arrival of fuel ships to the ports of Hodeidah (western Yemen), which are under the control of the militias.

The documents of the navigation movement in the Red Sea Ports Corporation revealed an increase in the volume of goods and ships loaded with fuel and gas arriving at the port of Hodeidah during the past year compared to the year 2021 AD, as the total oil derivatives arriving at the port of Hodeidah reached two million and 72 thousand and 915 tons, between diesel, oil, gas and diesel.

The Houthi militia monopolizes the sale of domestic gas to the population in the areas under its control through the neighborhood gangs, and prevents direct sale to citizens by merchants or filling stations that it designated for gas-powered buses only, and monopolizes selling it through officials and neighborhood gangs, who in turn practice another deception on citizens by preventing them from their shares and selling them in  Black market.