With Emirati equipment.. Al-Rayyan Airport resumes its international activities and silences the Brotherhood

English - Thursday 26 January 2023 الساعة 03:57 pm
Mukalla, NewsYemen, exclusive:

The Governor of Hadramout, Mabkhout bin Madi, announced the return of international flights to and from Al-Rayyan Airport in the city of Mukalla, after a hiatus of years following the outbreak of the Houthi war and the takeover of Al-Qaeda on the coast of Hadramout.

It is scheduled that the first international flights to the airport will be operated on the fourth of next February, as the first flights will be to the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and return to the airport, to be followed by international flights to the Emirates and Egypt.

Al-Rayyan International Airport is the second Yemeni airport after Aden International Airport, which has returned to operation since the start of the war, with full funding and support from the UAE.  Patients and travelers who used to travel long distances to reach the two airports of Aden and bad to travel abroad.

In late November of the year 2019, work was officially inaugurated and work was launched to operate internal flights between the liberated governorates, as a preliminary start for the return of the airport again after the completion of its rehabilitation, the processing of its service facilities, and the provision of modern equipment . 

The UAE provided technical and logistical support in order to reopen the airport, making it the fourth air port for Yemenis after the airports of Aden, Seiyun and Socotra, all of which are in the areas under the control of the legitimate government.

Al-Rayyan Airport will provide quality services to Yemenis, due to its central location between the countries of East Asia and East and South Asia. It will also serve Yemeni citizens coming from the northern governorates.

The governor of Hadramout, Mabkhout bin Madi, said, "This success comes after efforts made by the local authority in the governorate, to resume all previous flights to and from Al-Rayyan International Airport, to relieve citizens," expressing his "thanks for the interaction of the head of the Presidential Leadership Council, Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, and his communication with  The leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which resulted in the adoption of this flight, which comes within the efforts to restore and fully resume Al-Rayyan Airport, which is one of the most important airports and air ports, and will benefit the eastern governorates and the governorates of the homeland in general.

He stressed that efforts are being made to resume the "Al-Rayyan-Cairo" and "Al-Rayyan-Dubai" flights, in the context of interest in Al-Rayyan Airport and restoring its leading role to relieve citizens.

The news of the resumption of operations at Al-Rayyan International Airport is like a bullet fired at the campaign of grudge and hatred adopted by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is infiltrated in the legitimate government, against the UAE's humanitarian and development effort in Yemen.

Despite being rehabilitated and equipped by the UAE for years, the airport remained neglected, disabled and hostage to influential Brotherhood figures in the legitimacy who worked to disrupt it and impede its restart for years, under false pretenses and justifications.

The announcement of the international resumption of airport activity confirms the fact that the Brotherhood’s cracked cylinder, which directed the UAE to stand behind obstructing the return and operation of the airport, has ended.  What we are witnessing today in terms of new halls and modern and advanced equipment and equipment in accordance with international standards confirms the falsehood of the accusations leveled against the brothers in the Emirates and promoted by the Brotherhood media with the aim of inciting people and implementing a malicious agenda against the Emirates and its humanitarian and development efforts in the liberated governorates.