From Al-Mahra and Wadi Hadramout to Marib and Al-Jawf.. brotherhood ' lifeline that supplies Houthi with life

English - Thursday 26 January 2023 الساعة 08:19 am
Aden, NewsYemen, exclusive:

The incident of thwarting the smuggling of engines for drones at the Shahn port in Al-Mahra governorate reminded of the smuggling of weapons to the Houthi terrorist group through the liberated areas and the role of the Brotherhood in it.

On Sunday, the forces stationed at the Shahn port seized a shipment of inputs and parts for drones smuggled through the Sultanate of Oman, which included 25 camouflaged boxes containing 100 drone engines.

Media sources revealed that the shipment includes several containers and belongs to a merchant from Al-Mahrah. It arrived at the port last month and also includes communications equipment. Attempts were made over the past period by two enforcers to remove it from the port without subjecting it to inspection.

Meanwhile, activist Saleh al-Hanashi revealed that containers included in this shipment were removed from the port late last month under allegations that they were "motorcycles", and were later seized at a security point in Wadi Hadramout.

On the 30th of last December, the security services in Hadhramaut Valley announced that a security point in the city of Shibam had seized two trucks loaded with military materials, drones, and specific weapons that were on their way to the Houthi militia, after they passed through the points of the first military zone under the control of the Brotherhood, without inspection.

These incidents shed light on the active smuggling operations in the eastern governorates to transport Iranian weapons coming from Oman through Al-Mahra Governorate, passing through the districts of Wadi Hadramout, and from there towards Marib and Al-Jawf, to reach the areas controlled by the Houthi group.

A smuggling map that passes through the areas in which military and security forces are deployed under the control of the Brotherhood, which explains the open battle that the group is waging to protect its influence in these areas, and is quick to attack any step aimed at that.

Where the Brotherhood’s media and leaders in the so-called “peaceful sit-in committee” supported by Muscat attacked the recent decision issued by the President of the Presidential Leadership Council to form a new military sector in Shehn, and to attach the sector to the Al-Ghaydah axis led by Major General Mohsen Marsa’, commander of the Al-Ghaydah axis - commander of the military police.  in the province.

A decision that observers see as a step by the Presidency Council and with the support of the Arab Coalition to combat arms smuggling operations to the Houthi group through Al-Mahra Governorate, by creating military formations that take over this and are not subject to the control of the Brotherhood.

In a clear message confirming this, the Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Mohsen Al-Daari, met, on Wednesday, in the capital, Aden, with the commander of the second military region, Major General Fayez Al-Tamimi, and the commander of the Al-Ghaydah axis - the commander of the military police in Al-Mahra Governorate, Major General Mohsen Marsa. 

In the meeting, the Minister of Defense praised the ability of the military and security forces in Al-Mahra Governorate to seize a number of shipments of weapons and parts of drones smuggled to the terrorist Houthi militia.

The meeting of the Minister of Defense with the commander of the second military region and the commander of the Al-Ghaydah axis, and ignoring the leadership of the first military region, suggests a veiled accusation against it of its involvement in the smuggling of weapons to the Houthi militia, which reinforces the strength of the demands of the people of Wadi Hadramout to remove them from their areas towards the battle fronts, in implementation of the Riyadh agreement.

A demand that is strongly rejected by the Muslim Brotherhood, which sees the removal of the region's forces as an official end to its influence in the Hadramout Valley and the removal of its control over the oil fields. The huge sums of money these forces earn under the protection of production companies, and it also means losing the money they earn from facilitating the smuggling of weapons and contraband.

With the same intensity, the group rejects any administrative, military or security change in Marib, which has turned into a kind of "ministate" of its own over which the Presidential Council or the government has no authority, in addition to the recent rebellion that has been going on for 3 months against the decision to appoint Major General / Hussein Al-Awadi as governor of Al-Jawf instead of the Brotherhood  / Amin Al-Okaimi.