Southerners fear a repeat of the scenario of the Sahel Hadramout in the Wadi Hadramout

English - Wednesday 25 January 2023 الساعة 05:40 pm
Hadramout, NewsYemen, exclusive:

 Southern activists and politicians expressed their fears of a repeat of the scenario of handing over the coastal districts to the terrorist Al-Qaeda organization in April 2015, in the districts of Wadi Hadramout, in light of the survival of the First Military Region forces loyal to the Islah Party, the local branch of the Brotherhood.

 These concerns came within a hashtag they launched on Twitter, in support of the statements of the Governor of Hadramout, Mabkhout bin Madi, which carried the same meaning, in which the governor indicated that the composition of the forces of the current first region is similar to the composition of the second military region whose members left in conjunction with the entry of the base into the coastal directorates  and its occupation.

Ibn Mabkhout pointed out that the majority of the members of the first region are from the northern governorates controlled by the Houthi militia, and that the first is that they go to fight against the Houthis and liberate their regions.

 In this regard, media activist Ali al-Jifri wrote on Twitter, "When al-Qaeda took control of al-Mukalla, the army forces that were present in it did not defend it while they were from the north. Rather, they left in buses, and al-Mukalla became a victim of this organization until it was liberated by the elite forces, which are Hadrami forces formed by the forces of the Arab Coalition, under Emirati supervision.

The journalist, Fatima Al-Abadi, confirmed that Hadramout agreed popularly and politically on the deployment of the Hadrami Elite Forces throughout the governorate, and control over the areas of Wadi Hadramout.

Al-Abadi referred to Hadramout's experience with forces other than its people, and the moment of the fall of Mukalla at the hands of the previous forces that handed it over to al-Qaeda, appealing to the coalition to press for the transfer of the forces of the first region from the valley, and to empower the Hadrami elite forces as the legitimate military representative of the people of Hadramout.

As for the editor-in-chief of the "Hadramout 21" website, journalist Amjad Yaslam Sobeih, he tweeted, "Hadramout is strong with its elite, youth and people, and there is no place for recruitment outside its official frameworks in the governorate. There is no doubt that the recent statement of the governor and the region's commander is necessarily directed at those who seek recruitment for their personal interest.