Between the first region, the elite, and the "Barshid" brigade.. A mockery of the governor of Hadramout of the political "al-Hawl"

English - Tuesday 24 January 2023 الساعة 04:02 pm
Hadramout, NewsYemen, exclusive:

In his first media appearance, the governor of Hadramout, Mabkhout bin Madi, explained the position of the local authority on the state of conflict and tensions taking place in the province recently, especially in the valley and desert regions, against the backdrop of popular demands for the departure of the forces of the first military region.

The governor said, in a televised interview with "Hadramout" channel, that the local authority does not demand the departure of the first military region, but rather demands that it be supported by the people of Hadramout, and that they hand over security tasks in the valley and desert regions, speaking of the fears among the people of the province that the region's forces will remain in their current composition.

The governor indicated that the majority of the members of the first military region are from the northern governorates controlled by the Houthi militia, stressing that the first is that they go to fight against the Houthis and liberate their areas.

He added: The enemy that we are facing today is the Houthi group that is present in the northern governorates, to which most of the members of the first region belong... If the Houthi enemy that we are facing is an enemy to them, then let them go and fight him in their provinces, and if they view him as a friend, then how do we want him to be a friend  Houthi is among us?!

The governor recalled the experience of the people of the coast with the forces of the second military region that were present in 2015 , and that most of its members were from the northern governorates, and how they left Mukalla and the coastal cities via buses and did not fight the terrorist al-Qaeda organization.

In response to what is being raised against the Barsheed Brigade because of its leadership's affiliation with Al-Dhalea Governorate and comparing its situation with that of the first military region, the governor confirmed that the brigade is affiliated with the second military region.

Adding by saying: If Al-Dhalea was occupied by the Houthis, we would have sent the Barsheed Brigade to Al-Dhalea to liberate it.  So we do not have a political "about" to deviate the compass, then this brigade is in our hands and we can at any time order it to leave Hadhramaut.

The governor affirmed the local authority's rejection of any recruitment operations outside state institutions, stressing that any recruitment process for the sons of Hadramout will only take place under an official umbrella represented by the local authority or the higher authorities represented by the Ministry of Defense.