A decision to return the work of the Land Transport Authority in the port of Aden

English - Monday 23 January 2023 الساعة 06:51 pm
Aden, NewsYemen:

 A meeting held in the debts of the Ministry of Transport in the capital, Aden, resulted in issuing a decision to return the General Authority for Land Transport to practice its activities in the port of Aden and all governorates of the Republic, organizing transport work and opening its competitor’s offices in the process of transporting and shipping goods to and from Yemen.

The return of the General Land Transport Authority to work and practice all its activities in transporting goods at the container port in Aden comes according to Law No. 32 of 2003 and its executive regulations and Republican Decree No. 291 of 2008.  

The meeting also determined the powers and tasks of the Heavy Transport Syndicate in accordance with Law No. 35 of 2002 regarding the organization of trade unions.

The decision to return the authority to carry out its activities to and from the port of Aden ends - according to observers - the monopoly of the Heavy Transport Syndicate on the process of transporting goods at imaginary and exorbitant prices.

 According to Al-Ayyam Al-Adani newspaper, the meeting was chaired by the Deputy Minister of Transport, Nasser Sharif, and Hazrat Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munsab, representing the Aden Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Brigadier General Mohsen Al-Wali, head of the security belt, and Brigadier General Faisal Muthanna, deputy director of security in Aden Governorate, and Brigadier General Wasim Al-Omari, representing the support and support forces.  Bassam Al-Muflahi, Director of the Office of the Minister of Transport, Mohsen Saleh Al-Haetes, representing the port of Aden, Khaled Al-Jaimlani, Undersecretary of the Aden Governorate for Transport Affairs, Anis Saleh Al-Matari, Head of the Heavy Transport Syndicate, and a number of officials.

The meeting was devoted to hearing the response of the Heavy Transport Syndicate to the mechanism presented in the previous meeting, and therefore it was concluded that the union's response "is not a practical and professional response to the mechanism provided by the branch of the General Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs in Aden."

The Chamber of Commerce presented the problems faced by merchants due to the illegal fees imposed by the Heavy Transport Syndicate on freight work, which raised the cost of freight from the port of Aden to the various governorates of the Republic and contributed to the destruction of the competitiveness of the port of Aden in front of other land and sea ports.

Sources present at the meeting quoted the Deputy Minister of Transport as saying at the meeting, "The job of the Heavy Transport Syndicate is to protect the interests of drivers and not to set transport prices and create an illegal monopoly in favor of the Syndicate."

After a fierce discussion in the meeting, the representative of the Heavy Transport Syndicate objected to the project for the return of the General Authority for Land Transport or the competition in the transport business, and he left the hall with the agent of Aden Governorate for Transport Affairs, who sympathized with him.  Sayings of those present.

The attendees said: The exit of the representative of the Heavy Transport Syndicate was "unjustified and inappropriate" and the attendees condemned this behavior.

Traders who were observing the meeting said that the cost of trucks to transport containers from the port of Aden to Mansoura, 4 kilometers away, ranges between 700,000 and 900,000 riyals, other than the additional fees imposed by drivers on merchants, such as: diesel fees and about 30,000 riyals additional for overnight stay per day in case  Failure to complete the unloading of the shipment directly.

 The merchants added that the cost of shipping one container from the port of Aden to Sana’a amounted to 4 million riyals for shipping, in addition to about an additional one and a half million riyals collected from security points, twenty thousand paid for the Heavy Transport Syndicate and 3 thousand riyals paid to the state, while shipping the same container costs  From the port of Hodeidah to Sana’a, about 300,000 net riyals are paid at the port only, in addition to the customs dollar in the port of Hodeidah being priced at 250 riyals to the dollar, while the new pricing in the port of Aden has become 750 riyals according to the illegal decision of the Economic Committee.

The merchants added that all these additional costs are paid by the citizen in the form of high prices for food and consumer goods that must be transported by trucks, whether through land ports or sea ports.  The minutes of the meeting were approved by all those present.