An open, non-beating heart, and Arab fellowship exams.. Aden is witnessing a medical and health movement

English - Sunday 22 January 2023 الساعة 11:52 am
Aden, NewsYemen, exclusive:

These days, the capital, Aden, is witnessing an unprecedented medical and health movement, in light of the movements of the local authority and its security and executive agencies to enhance stability and improve the services provided to the residents of the city, which suffered greatly as a result of the destruction left by the invasion of the terrorist Houthi militia, the Iranian arm, of the city in late March 2015 and the tampering that followed it during  The Islah Party, the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, controls the decision of the legitimate government

While the consultant electrophysiologist of the heart at King Abdulaziz Medical City, Abdulwahab Al-Matri, announced the success of the first open-heart operation of the non-pulsating heart using the artificial heart pump in Aden General Hospital, the coordinator of medical specialties, Dr. Rajaa Abdo Ahmed, said that the city is witnessing this  The days - for the first time - are the final exams for the Arab fellowship in the Oski method for medical specializations.

This comes a few days after a Saudi medical team succeeded in performing the first cardiac catheterization operation in Aden General Hospital, which was rehabilitated and operated with funding and supervision from the Saudi Program for the Reconstruction and Development of Yemen.

Consultant Abd al-Wahhab al-Matri, in a post on his Facebook account, said: On January 19, Aden witnessed an open-heart operation for a non-beating heart using an artificial heart pump.  To close a congenital hole between the two atria.. stressing that this is the first operation of this kind ever in the Heart Center, Aden Hospital.

He pointed out that the operation was performed by a veteran cardiac surgeon, Dr.  Khaled Musa.  With the distinguished cardiac anesthesia consultant, Dr.  Saleh Al-Sambi and their two teams, and it would not have been done without the generous support of the brothers in the Kingdom.. adding that heart operations were performed before, but it was not an open heart.

According to Al-Matri, historically, the first heart operation was performed in America at the end of the nineteenth century, but it became effective and almost organized in the fifties of the last century, in Europe and America, then it entered the Arab region at the end of the seventies and entered Yemen most likely in the nineties .. indicating that it entered Sanaa and Taiz  Hadramout and other regions, but not in Aden.

In the context, the governmental Saba Agency quoted Dr. Rajaa as saying that the final exams for the Arab Fellowship using the Oski method for medical specialties began in Aden last Thursday, with the participation of 82 male and female doctors from various governorates and some Arab countries, and they will last for four days.. stressing that these exams are organized by the Arab Council for Health Specialties  It is supervised by the Yemeni Council for Health and Medical Specializations, and all measures have been taken to make it a success.