The occupation of Socotra and the entry of the Yemenis.. Rumors denied by reality

English - Wednesday 18 January 2023 الساعة 09:33 am
NewsYemen, written by/ Bilal Hussain:

The reality that you see with your eyes and hear with your ears is always the opposite of all the gossip and rumors that are launched here and there in order to create confusion and strife within the country.

How much and how much have we heard that the Emirates took control of the island (Socotra) and that its entry is prohibited except with a visa for Yemenis and foreigners, and that the Israelis installed radars and listening devices, and who is the empty waste that does not respond or answer, and the truth is the opposite of everything we heard..!!

Since the first time we set foot on the land of Socotra Island at 11:15 in the morning, we have not seen any Saudi or Emirati military presence on the grounds of the airport in Al-Khalis.  The sons of Socotra itself, in addition to some individuals from Al-Dhalea, who are a few.

After we entered the airport hall, I was apprehensive that they would ask us to obtain a visa from the immigration and passport officer at the airport and pay the value, but that did not happen and all we heard were rumors.

Empty talk we used to hear in Aden and believe the lie, so no one asked us for anything, other than showing cards and passports, entry without any fees or visa, and treating you with all respect as one of the people of the country.

After we received the bags and left the airport, we saw our brothers from the Socotris, who are hospitable, generous and kind people by nature, and they met us with a big smile and welcome, contrary to what we used to hear and what was happening on the island, a lie and we believed it, but the reality has nothing to do with it.  Anyone from the southern or northern regions can visit the island without any problems or complications.

There is a presence of some members of the Saudi military forces in a building rented from Bin Jariba, some distance from the airport. Other than that, we did not see their military control over the airport and their presence inside it, as we heard and the rumors that circulated here and there.

 * * *

 Some important details for any person or group who would like to make a trip to Socotra:

1- Flight tickets from Yemenia.. Flight: Aden - Al Rayyan - Socotra, and back.. Ticket prices can be asked about when booking.

2- You do not need a passport or a visa for Yemenis. You travel with your ID card. Don't believe the rumors you hear here and there about the entry is prohibited without a visa, and a foreigner’s passport is required and those with empty waste.

You are Yemeni and your country travels length and breadth without anyone stopping you.

 3- The owners of the camping (camping) bring with you everything related to the camp, including tents, kitchen utensils, containers, vegetables, meat, chicken, and anything you like to eat, because they do not differentiate prices between foreigners  And the Yemeni.

4- Telecommunications are very tiring in Socotra. Yemen’s mobile internet has no right to use the net or Aden net, only “contact”. Sometimes the network does not overload, and you only have 500 card and 1000 cards with which you can operate the internet, usually in the location where you are sitting.  It is in the hotel, besides that, you need an Emirati Etisalat SIM card in order to walk the Internet with you, and this is also in areas where you go camping without walking.

5- You need a tourist guide with a car to take you everywhere, and their prices vary.

6- The boat that you take from Qalansiyah to take you to see the dolphins, it takes six people in one boat only, going back with hundred thousand riyals, one price .

7- Advice.. The best months to travel to Socotra are February, March, and sometimes April. The weather is very pleasant. As for January, do not make our mistake and go there, because many tourist areas are cold and turbulent, and the sea is roaring.

Hotel prices: The regular one is twenty thousand nights for a room for two or three people, and in other hotels with varying prices.

Greetings to all of you.

Compiled by NewsYemen from posts by the author on his Facebook page