The Brotherhood is hiding a journalist who revealed their involvement in the liquidation of military leaders in Marib

English - الثلاثاء 17 يناير 2023 الساعة 06:59 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

 The security services affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in the city of Marib have continued to hide the journalist Yahya al-Yanaei, the media official of the Yemeni Teachers Syndicate, for nearly four months, on the background of publications critical of the organization and revealing information related to the liquidation of leaders in the army.

Close sources said that the Brotherhood authority summoned Al-Yanaei four months ago to the Security Department, and he was hidden since then, his personal phone was confiscated, and posts criticizing the Brotherhood were deleted.

The Brotherhood's security services also stormed the apartment in which he lives in the city of Ma'rib and confiscated his personal items, including a laptop.

 Al-Yanaei had revealed on his Twitter page the Brotherhood's involvement in many criminal acts in the city of Ma'rib, the liquidation of military leaders, and the relationship of senior leaders with the Islah party to involvement in criminal acts.

 According to the sources, the Brotherhood’s leadership, after Al-Yanaei’s refusal to obey its orders, pressured his relatives, who are local leaders in the party, to force them to abandon Al-Yana’i and file immoral charges against him, which Al-Yanaei mentioned in posts on Twitter. He also accused the Brotherhood of pressuring him to divorce his wife for unknown reasons.

Al-Yanaei also revealed in his publications what he called prostitution cells led by the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood to trap its opponents.

 The sources indicated that Al-Yanaei, and on the evening of his summons from the Brotherhood authority, deleted all posts that it considered insulting to the group from his Twitter and Facebook pages.

The union's media official, Yahya al-Yanaei, had been subjected to an assassination attempt in the city of Ma'rib a while ago.

Informed sources stated that he was shot from one of the apartments, while he was passing on September 26th Street, near Al-Kuraimi Bank.

 On the other hand, sources close to the journalist's family warned that he would be ill-treated in a secret prison of the Brotherhood in Marib.

While the activists and journalists of the group and the Teachers Syndicate in Marib impose a strict secrecy about Al-Yanaei's disappearance, sources close to him called on the Syndicate of Journalists and organizations concerned with the press and human rights to intervene urgently to save him, especially after receiving information about his liquidation inside their prisons.