The September massacre in Sana'a... when the remnants of the Imamate took revenge on the Tihama

English - الاثنين 19 سبتمبر 2022 الساعة 04:27 م
Hodeidah, NewsYemen, private:

The tribes of Tihama fought several battles against the priestly Imamate regime in the period before the revolution of September 26, 1962 AD, and confronted all its attempts to subdue the "Zaraniq" in the Hodeidah Governorate, which made it commit the most heinous bloody crimes against the people of Tihama.

It seems that the new imams (the terrorist Houthi militia, Iran’s arm in Yemen) did not forget the defeats suffered by their ancestors at the hands of the Tuhami, but today history is repeating itself and reveals the truth of the bloody Houthi group and its continued perpetration of crimes and mass massacres, which were carried out by the authority of the Imamate against  her opponents.

A year ago, the terrorist Houthi militia committed a bloody massacre against 9 civilians from Tihama, including a minor child. They were executed at a university in Tahrir Square in central Sanaa, in a heinous crime that brought to mind the crimes of the imams in Tihama.

In conjunction with the first anniversary of the terrorist crime in Sanaa, the Houthi militia committed more crimes against the people of Tihama, as it launched a large-scale military campaign early this month to collectively displace the residents of four villages in the Bait al-Faqih district, south of Hodeidah, and seize their lands by force of arms.

Houthi elements stormed the four villages, kidnapped more than 60 citizens, wounded dozens, including women and children, and displaced dozens of families and robbed their property.

Observers say that the crimes of the Houthi militia against the sons of Tihama are an extension of the crimes of the imams, and they come to avenge the former priestly regime, and it also reminds of the crimes committed by the Imamate regime in the whole of Tihama.

The Zaranik tribes had tours and tours in the battle of the Yemeni revolution against the imams and against injustice and tyranny. According to the great Yemeni poet Abdullah al-Baradouni in his book (The Republican Yemen), the wars waged by the Tihama and its tribes paved the way for the revolution of September 26, 1962, as it weakened the Imamis and disrupted the cohesion of their state.