The authority left its Governorate to terrorism, and the tribe confronted it.. Abyan and the battle of al-Qaeda

English - الاثنين 19 سبتمبر 2022 الساعة 10:10 ص
Abyan, NewsYemen, private:

The large tribes in Abyan governorate confirm their support for the recent security and military campaign launched by the southern forces, which they called "Arrows of the East" to eliminate terrorist groups in the governorate.

These tribes were the most affected by the political terrorism that hits the south, and most of them entered into conflict and fight with terrorism after the fall of the governorate to the terrorist organization’s elements in 2011.

The tribes in Abyan took the lead in the battles against terrorism in 2011, when the state was absent and made great sacrifices, as well as actively participated in previous military operations against terrorist groups.  Abyan remained an arena for the terrorist threat along with the affiliation of state leaders before and after 2011.  Some of Abyan’s leaders participated in “the province’s renting of terrorism as part of the game of power struggles in Sana’a.”

However, terrorism was defeated by the Abyan tribes, despite the capabilities and the difference in armament between them. Al-Qaeda terrorist organization used booby-traps, explosive devices and assassinations in its wars with the tribes.

In 2012, Al-Awathel tribes in Lawdar fought a fierce battle against Al-Qaeda, which ended with the latter’s defeat and expelling from Zanzibar, Abyan.  Lawder is the owner of the first social experiment in the Islamic world who confronted al-Qaeda with a popular religious awareness led by figures who were theoretically close to al-Qaeda before realizing its danger, the lies of its slogans and its threat to people in areas that do not threaten any basis for the slogans claimed by al-Qaeda.

The "Arrows of the East", which the joint forces are waging to expel terrorism from the governorate, restore the tribe's role in the southern national mission in a new cycle, after the Brotherhood forces returned al-Qaeda to Abyan after 2019 after it had been purified from it.

 revenge history

Within a decade, the fighting between al-Qaeda and the tribes turned into a battle of revenge, but the tribes, after the dissolution of the popular committees following the Houthi invasion of the south, were subjected to terrorist attacks and assassinations of tribal and security figures.

The editor-in-chief of the eighth day newspaper, "Saleh Abu Odal", says:  The Abyan tribes, and the Al-Awathil tribes in particular, were the first to reveal the fragility of extremist organizations.  When these elements launched a massive attack on Lawdar in May 2012 , the tribes rose to defend the city in the Battle of Karama, so that the tribes won in the first confrontation.  When the organization thought that handing over a battalion to the Yemeni army at the southern entrance to the city had ended the battle.  He explained that this battle was the first in which the organization lost, the capital of Abyan governorate, the city of Zanzibar, in addition to the city of Jaar, which was the organization's emirate in Abyan governorate.

In a statement to NewsYemen, Abu Odal confirmed that extremist organizations do not rely on armed confrontation, but on suicide attacks or immersion attacks, which have recently declined a lot.  The organization no longer carries out any immersion attacks, such as the one it launched against the leadership of the Fourth Military Region in the capital, Aden, in April of 2014.  This retreat confirms that the organization no longer possesses the tools of suicide combat, and this is due to the fact that it developed its attacks through improvised explosive devices manufactured locally and developed by Iranian experts, most likely.

Abu Odal pointed out that the society in Abyan is the main affected by these terrorist elements, so the tribes paid a huge bill in the battle of terrorism, but today the Presidential Leadership Council requires a strategy to do justice to Abyan, the main and only victim of terrorism since the early nineties of the last century.

Journalist Wajdi Al-Saadi said that everyone who was stung by the fire of terrorism in Abyan and tasted the bitterness of displacement and displacement will line up today behind Aidarous Al-Zubaidi and the southern forces.  He added that at this stage there is no place for gray positions, either with Abyan or with terrorism.

For his part, the leader of the Southern Movement, Abed Rabbo al-Jahma, said in a post on Facebook that the Al Amaram tribe is one of the most targeted tribes by al-Qaeda terrorist elements.

He stressed that the loss was great for us and the family of Balil, but this increases our resolve and determination to fight terrorism and stand side by side with the southern forces to purify Abyan Governorate from the elements of terrorist evil.