The war in Yemen: causes psychological disorders in children.

English - Tuesday 16 August 2022 الساعة 09:08 am
:NewsYemen,Gubran Alsoufi

 For the eighth year in a row, the Houthi militia insists on continuing its war against Yemenis and its rejection of peace efforts, thus threatening the present and future of Yemeni generations, especially children who lived through the war and many of them still live in the seam areas.

 In the city of Taiz, many children suffer from psychological disorders, some of them grieved seeing their comrades torn to pieces, and some grieved with the blood of their brothers and relatives, the sounds of missiles and rockets made some of them lose the taste of sleep.

 Dangers are raised with these children, and with them are warnings and calls that transcend the time that is about to pass, if quick and effective decisions are not taken, by starting psychological rehabilitation programs along the psychological map, to help these children and even their parents and all those who have been affected by the tragedies and tragedies of the war.

 Dr. Adel Mulhi, Director of the Psychiatric and Neurological Hospital in Taiz, says that the situation of children requires reconsideration and listening carefully, to the details of these dangers that beset half the present and all the future, and target their innocent conscience with a lot of distortion and destruction, which may be difficult and perhaps impossible to remedy its catastrophic consequences for the future of this generation and thus the future of the country  all of which.

 The Houthi militia committed multiple crimes against children in Taiz, the last of which was the crime of bombing the Al-Rawda neighborhood, which led to the killing of a child and the injury of 11 others, and the international silence towards the crimes of the Houthi militia despite the UN truce.