Houthi royalties and imposed education fees

English - الثلاثاء 02 أغسطس 2022 الساعة 04:48 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen, Jalal Muhammad:

Parents in Sana’a, which is under the control of the terrorist Houthi militia, Iran’s arm in Yemen, complain about the increase in tuition fees in private schools by more than 20% in some cases, in the absence of a clear methodology and logical reasons behind this continuous increase every year.

Parents indicate that they have no choice but to enroll their children in these schools in light of the neglect of government schools, poor performance and teacher absenteeism due to the interruption of salary payments, and the Houthi authorities’ failure to provide the minimum requirements for the educational process in the areas under their control.

As usual, the administrations of private private schools in Sana’a justify that they bear burdens and royalties that exceed their capacity imposed on the Houthi group, represented by the Ministry of Education, whose portfolio is held by Yahya al-Houthi, the brother of the rebel leader, in addition to imposing a number of students in various educational levels from the sons of Houthi leaders and their supervisors, as well as the sons of martyrs belonging to  In addition to the fees deducted from the amount paid by each student.

Ignorance stage address

 Since the Houthi group took control of state institutions at the end of 2014, until today, it has been implementing a systematic plan to empty schools and the educational process in general of their educational and enlightening content, through deliberate neglect of the educational aspect and harassment of a number of teachers and the imposition of doctrinal concepts in order to modify the Yemeni curriculum in line with the group’s goals  And its doctrinal approach, in an effort to create an ignorant generation.

During the past years, the rate of ignorance among children of school age increased, and their parents were unable to enroll them in private schools to obtain a share of the available education, even at its minimum limits. A number of families stopped sending their children to government schools as well, in order to preserve them from what they called “mind poisoning” to which they are exposed.  At the hands of teachers who were imposed by the Houthi group under the name of "volunteers" and substitutes, they indoctrinate students with false concepts of religion and hostility against the sons of the homeland, and portray them as mujahideen and fighters for the "Quranic march" in which the group is hidden.

Community participation..a Houthi tool to empty schools of their students

Under the name of community participation, a number of government schools opened the door for registration with an amount of (8,300) for basic education students, despite the Houthi fallacies and their issuance of circulars fixing registration fees.

In this regard, activist Ahmed Al-Khalidi says: "The amount of community participation is heavier on our shoulders. I have five children with me and I want to educate them, but I swear to God, we do not have yogurt with us, my children will not study this year."

He added: Many families did not register their children last year, as a result of their inability to bear the increased costs of education.

Hashem Al-Silwi - a government employee and the father of three students - says for years my children have been studying in private schools, but during the last two years we have been suffering greatly due to the high prices set by private schools to enroll in the academic year, this year I have my daughter in the ninth grade who want 190,000 riyals,  And one of the sons in the eighth wanted an amount of 160,000, in addition to my youngest daughter, who is in the fifth grade. The school asked for 140,000 riyals, and because they are three brothers in one school, they gave us a discount of 15% for the third student only.

He adds sighing, "I can't really study them this year at these prices, and the school's expenses and supplies. Unfortunately, I transferred them all to a government school, although I am fully aware that they will not find real education there, but this is the reality."

One of the citizen parents spoke to NewsYemen with a brief statement, "They don't want anyone to study, they want people to study, they remain ignorant of the matter of leaving them with a military and fighters with al-Houthi. Their grandfather the Imam made the people ignorant and illiterate, and these people follow his path, they only want a closed people."

She added: "Whoever has money studied , this is how Abdul-Malik and his group want it." 

Houthi fallacies and fake generalizations

 Many citizens assert that they have not touched from the Houthi and his authority imposed by force of arms on the Yemeni citizen, who is under the control of the Houthi group, except the issuance of fictitious circulars, and every circular is accompanied by an act that completely contradicts what was stated in the circular, for example, the generalization of not raising rents was met by a continuous missile rise in rents.  In the capital, Sana’a, and elsewhere, as well as the generalization of non-eviction of tenants, the rulings issued by the Houthi authorities every day expel a tenant from his home, and by a court ruling for his inability to pay the rent.

The generalization of not raising school fees was also matched by raising fees, even in government schools that circumvented the generalization and called these fees “community contribution.”

In a form of Houthi fallacies, it issued a circular fixing the old fees, but on the other hand, it imposed a community contribution on parents, with the aim of circumventing the illegality of raising public school fees.

What draws attention is the circular issued by the “Office of the Undersecretary for Education in the Houthi government,” where it says in the first item that the community contribution is “voluntary”!!  As stated in the fourth and fifth items that those who have more than one student are exempted from paying the contribution, a clause considered by jurists to confirm that the fees are compulsory, in other words that the community contribution is obligatory and not voluntary as the militias claim.