Citizens: The summer centers are hotbeds of terrorism and the nucleus of mini-training camps

English - الاثنين 04 يوليو 2022 الساعة 07:07 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

In light of the continued mobilization for the "summer centers", the frightening trinity is complete. In addition to the mines and drug spots, these centers and the process of changing curricula come to form a frightening episode of the destruction of the future and changing the awareness of a large segment of young people.

Reports indicate that Iran's arm continues the mobilization process, and attempts to keep the warm-up process going;  With regard to paying the largest number of minor children to enroll in summer centers during the school vacation period.

New reports stated that more than 300 children were transferred during the past few days to areas far from their places of residence without the knowledge of their parents, and the reports suggested that Saada is the largest incubator for these trainings.

Special sources confirm to NewsYemen that a number of supervisors and fronts who receive direct instructions roam the lanes, villages and areas controlled by the militia and pressure and motivate parents, in an attempt to recruit and mobilize the largest number of children during the vacation period.

 It pointed out that the issue comes within the framework of servers and obtaining large sums, ranks and promotions, each according to the number of children brought together by each supervisor.

Parents confirmed that there are fears that make them resort to displacement or movement during the vacation, or keep their children confined to homes so as not to be polarized in the way that they are today. Children joined these centers, which are the nucleus of mini-training camps.

Reports indicate that the sons of the leaders, most of them, have joined the study abroad or in prestigious places inside the country, and that the victims are the sons of tribes and some families whose poverty and the need of their families are exploited.

The activist, Arwa Al-Khattabi, had indicated in one of the seminars held in Sweden in late June about the danger of these centers, indicating that the Houthi militia had recruited more than 36,000 children, most of whom came from schools and summer centers during the past years until the beginning of 2022.

It emphasized that the militia's first appearance was through the "believing youth", a mixture of students who were recruited through these centers and through schools.

While there were reports that at least 3,000 children were recruited during the truce, which has entered its third month, the militia has changed the numbers from time to time, the latest of which was a military media report that praised the graduation of 5,000 children.

While the slogans were present that these were the ones who would liberate Jerusalem and confront the Americans, dozens of Yemeni civilians were falling in the governorate of Al-Dhalea, Taiz, Marib and Lahj as a result of targeting them by snipers and drones.