Bin Salman: The authority of Taiz surpasses everyone in its madness towards repression and killing

English - السبت 02 يوليو 2022 الساعة 04:04 م
Taiz, NewsYemen:

The Taiz Brotherhood authority practices systematic torture and repression against anyone who opposes it, often reaching physical killings.

The journalist writer, Khalid bin Salman, said that everyone practices systematic torture, but the authority of Taiz surpasses everyone with its badness, and its madness towards repression and cold-blooded killing, or rather, without blood.

And he added in a post on his Facebook account, "After torturing to death the young boy, the right has been lost until now, Fawaz Al-Wahbani. And the list of the victims is countless.  of punishment, and unaccountable force... presenting a picture illustrating the brutality of harming the human conscience."

He pointed out that the criminality of the Taiz authority needs a blue space alone, a statistics bureau and electronic monitoring teams.  Pursuing the extent of fatigue serial murder daily.  And the fascist violations practiced as a routine and a function, noting that these crimes, which he described as "bloody ruling", legitimize the Houthis and at the same time expose the silence of the holding human rights organizations.

"What is happening to this city is a brutal medieval revenge, from civilization, history and politics together," he said.