It defeated the Houthis and the Brotherhood.. Shabwa pays a tax in its south by targeting its defense forces

English - الخميس 23 يونيو 2022 الساعة 06:31 م
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The frequency of terrorist attacks against the Shabwa Defense Forces increased after securing the province and expelling the Houthi militia, and the overthrow of the Brotherhood governor, Ibn Adyo, the first paver for the entry of Iran’s arm into the province.

The escalation of terrorist operations proves that the unity of the faces of the Al-Houthi Brotherhood’s al-Qaeda terrorism, insists that the Shabwa governorate pay the price for its adherence to its south and to get rid of the Houthi and its Brotherhood tools.

 Shabwa on the targeting table

, Wednesday, five martyrs from the Shabwa Defense Forces were killed in an attack by al-Qaeda terrorist elements on a security point in Shabwa Governorate, at the entrance to Ataq city.

On the first of this June, Shabwa governorate witnessed a serious security escalation with two incidents targeting the Shabwa Defense Forces, within less than 6 hours, which resulted in the killing of 5 of its members, the injury of others, and the survival of one of its leaders from an assassination attempt.

Three members of the Shabwa Defense Forces were killed and others were wounded when an explosive device exploded targeting one of its crews in the Al-Sawda area, west of the capital, Ataq. Hours later, a similar bombing operation resulted in the killing of two soldiers and the wounding of others and the survival of the leader, Majed Lamrouq, in the Gol Al-Raydah area of Mayfa’a district.

Secured the province and fought terrorism 

The Shabwa Defense Forces worked to secure the province from al-Qaeda, which was prevalent during the era of Adyo, with fierce clashes, where it was killed on the 20th of June, Younis al-Qashory, nicknamed “Abu Ali”, a prominent leader in the organization, which led to its continuous targeting by terrorist forces.  .

On the eighth of June, it took control of the "Modrak" camp in the Khora area, thus cutting off the path to the infiltration of Al-Qaeda from Al-Bayda Governorate.

Terror showed its teeth after it was absent from the rule of the Brotherhood over the past three years.  It did not target any of the Brotherhood's leaders or its military forces.  Which observers considered as a prepared and arranged scheme to plunge Shabwa into chaos, bring back the terrorist militias and get rid of Shabwa's governor and its defense forces.  Who have achieved military and developmental achievements in the province.