The lies of "rape"...the Houthi's dirty way to mobilize fighters

English - الاثنين 20 يونيو 2022 الساعة 04:37 م
Hodeidah, NewsYemen, private:

The rising manifestations of popular anger against the Houthi militia fabricating allegations of rape incidents of girls by members of the joint forces stationed in the southeast of Hays district.

The residents of the villages of Al-Suwaihra, Al-Dhnaba, Qubna, Al-Juwair and Al-Tufeili, located in the Maqbna district and adjacent to the Hays district, expressed their strong condemnation and anger at the Houthi group's publication of these allegations.

In a petition bearing their signatures, the people considered the allegations of the Houthi militia an attempt to undermine the reputation and honor of these areas, and a desperate attempt to strike the popular incubator of the joint forces in those villages.

The Director General of Hodeidah Police, Brigadier Najib Waraq, had previously denied this.  The validity of these Houthi allegations, indicating in press statements to him that he directed the security of Hays to go to the areas of the Moqbna villages, including Al-Suwaihra.  and the insulation adjacent to it.  to verify the allegations of the Houthi militia;  It was confirmed to be incorrect.

He pointed out that the Houthi militia aims, behind these rumors, to "opt the tribes and the people of the areas under their control, under the pretext of defending the homeland, land and honor to mobilize hundreds of fighters and push them to its burning and collapsing fronts."

The Hodeidah Security Director accused the militias of trying to mobilize under these allegations, confirmed by the militias by organizing a protest stand for their members yesterday, Sunday, in the Al-Jarari district, to denounce the alleged incident, and call for the fronts to be supplied with fighters in response to it.

In the past two days, Houthi media outlets have reported dozens of statements and statements by leaders and entities affiliated with them denouncing the alleged incident, and unanimously agreeing on the need for citizens in their areas of control to go to the fronts "to preserve their honor."

 Meanwhile, the group's activists focused their efforts on social networking sites in an attempt to stir up the emotions of Yemenis in their areas of control to defend "land and honor" in the face of "invaders and mercenaries."

This alleged incident recalls a similar incident that was circulated in April of 2018.  By Brotherhood activists about allegations that a woman in the Khokha district was raped by a member of the Sudanese forces. 

The incident, which later turned out to be incorrect, as the woman herself admitted.  It was promoted at the height of the victories achieved by the joint forces on the west coast.  The Houthi militia quickly seized it to mobilize fighters to its fronts, which at the time were suffering from collapse due to the advance of the joint forces.