The World Bank estimates the cost of rebuilding Yemen at $25 billion

English - الأحد 19 يونيو 2022 الساعة 08:47 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

The Executive Director of the Agency for Accelerating the Absorption of Donors' Pledges in the Yemeni government, Afrah Al-Zoba, said at the Yemen International Forum in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, that the device works strongly with government institutions to implement projects.

She explained that it is important that international support for Yemen shift from humanitarian relief limited to food aid to urgent development aid.

For her part, Director of the Yemen Office at the World Bank, Tania Meir, said that the bank has assessed many sectors in Yemen, and that the cost of reconstruction and reconstruction for the war's remnants amounted to $25 billion.

She added that the bank is concerned about the fragility of the complex crises in Yemen, so it decided to increase programs and provided financing amounting to one billion dollars over the past year to maintain the institutions it supported before the conflict.

Mir stressed the importance of the continuation of these productive institutions and sectors and what they can provide to Yemen, such as the fisheries sector.  Mir said that the bank has increased support for the private sector in Yemen, "We are focused on the resilience of the private sector and the potential role it can play in reconstruction programmes."  According to Mir, the private sector has been greatly affected.

 In the same context, Deputy Director of the European Union's Middle East Department, Karl Hallgaard, said in the plenary session that "the international community is interested in the Ukrainian war and that weak countries, including Yemen, have been affected, and despite this progress is being made in Yemen."

 "We are keen to support Yemen, which was affected by the Ukrainian war," he added.  Hallgaard said it was important to open the country's roads, and their continued closure was disrupting the European Union's ability to support the economy.

 As the Director General of Strategy for the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen, Adel Al-Qassadi, explained that there is a need for a vision of economic recovery that does not depend on what donors provide to Yemen.

He added, "We need to link the humanitarian and development tracks, and it is necessary that it depart from the framework of theorizing to engage effectively in Yemen."