What does the "exiled north" want from the "ruling north" in Sana'a?

English - السبت 18 يونيو 2022 الساعة 09:50 م
NewsYemen, written by/ Saeed Abdullah:

What do the elites and the northern class that was ruling in Sana'a want, and the Houthis excluded it and threw it into exile?

 What do they want from Houthi and the outside world exactly?

 Do they want to return to power in Sanaa by fighting the Houthis?

For this reason, they wears uniforms and attends international forums in order to obtain an international understanding of their desire to fight?

Or do they want the Houthis to return it to power voluntarily and through their efforts with the European and democratic leftist international community?

I suggest to the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies, and considering that its main leaders are from the people of the north, as well as from the exiles and the displaced, I suggest that they make an effort with the exiled northern political elites and even with themselves, given that they are from the northern elites and also exiled from Sana’a, to get a clear answer to the question of what they want?  What does the exiled north want from the ruling north today in Sana'a?

After the center received an answer from these lost elites... If what they wants are demands for reconciliation with the Sana'a authority, the center turns to the Sana'a authority with the demands of the exiled elites.

Perhaps today Sanaa will accept who knows, concede to them and return them to power.

And if what these caravans want is fighting and a military solution.. the center is responsible for organizing their transfer from exile to Marib and from there they engage in politics, war, media, and the ordinary, preserving the caravans and the allowance.

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