Mocha: widespread condemnation of the crime..Houthi treachery affects the torches of truth

English - الخميس 16 يونيو 2022 الساعة 09:27 م
Mocha, NewsYemen, private:

 Journalists are subjected to frequent attacks by the Houthi militia, to force them to remain silent and not to speak about their terrorist crimes against civilians.

In the latest terrorist attack, journalist Saber Al-Haidari was subjected to the detonation of an explosive device attached to his car, in an accident similar to what happened to photojournalist Mahmoud Al-Atmi in the city of Aden, early this year.

Wednesday's crime was met with widespread condemnation among the press, who considered that the Houthi militia, with its bad criminal record, needed nothing but an explosive device to confront a journalist's pen that hurt his words to expose its terrorist crimes.

They said that the explosion bearing the hallmarks of Iran's arm proves once again that it does not want any of its journalists to speak to the international media about its crimes against civilians.

Photojournalist Mahmoud al-Atmi wrote that the Houthi militia is pursuing anyone who tries to convey the voices of Yemenis in their areas of control to the world.

Al-Atami, who was subjected to a similar explosion that killed his wife and her fetus, confirmed that the Houthi militia was behind that explosion, considering the explosive devices as the means they use to silence journalists.

Journalist Hamdan Al-Ali spoke of evidence proving the involvement of the Houthi militia in orchestrating the assassination, during a previous conversation that Al-Haidari had with journalist Ghamdan Al-Yousifi.

 Al-Ali said, in a post on Twitter, that the Yemenis know very well that the Houthi militias are behind these crimes in Aden, as journalists are easy prey without guards or armored vehicles to protect them. 

For journalist Ashraf Al-Mansh, the fate of every noble battle is that there will be sacrifices, but the painful departure of Saber is that the Houthi terrorist who knew his weight before all of us assassinated him before we had the honor of getting to know him.

The Houthi militia had previously carried out a similar crime in early 2019, when it assassinated the photojournalist, Ziad Al-Sharabi, by detonating a motorcycle in Mocha.