The escalation of murders and suicides in the Houthi militia-controlled areas

English - الأربعاء 25 مايو 2022 الساعة 08:09 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

 In the recent times, willful killings and suicides have escalated in the areas under the control of the terrorist Houthi militia, with the increase in security chaos, sectarian mobilization, and the culture of violence and hatred with which the Houthi militia is mincing the minds of the population, youth and children in its areas of control.

Local sources said that a civilian was killed in cold blood while passing through a checkpoint of the Houthi militia, the arm of Iran, in the Nehm district, east of the city of Sanaa, which is under its control.

The sources told NewsYemen that the Houthi militia point in Nehm shot an unarmed citizen for refusing to pay illegal royalties.

According to the sources, a member of the police station started shooting at the young man, Ismail Muhammad Yassin, a resident of Raymah Governorate, killing him instantly.

The crime drew a strong denunciation campaign among the sons of Rayma for the recurrence of these crimes that affect their children, and they demanded the de facto authorities to quickly arrest the members of the point, open an urgent investigation and impose deterrent punishment against the perpetrators.

The Houthi coup militia has committed grave crimes against civilians at its checkpoints since its coup eight years ago, according to the testimonies and statistics of human rights organizations and local activists.

On Friday evening, a child committed suicide, under mysterious circumstances in Ibb Governorate.

 Local sources said that the 12-year-old child, Ahmed Abdel Alim Ahmed Qassem, was found hanged inside his house in the Mudhakira district, west of the governorate, stressing that the child did not suffer from any problems, whether with the family or with another person.

This incident came a day after a young man killed his father, after Friday prayers, in the same district.

 Ibb governorate recorded the highest rate of suicides throughout the years of the war, and estimates indicate that the deterioration of the living situation is the main reason behind the growing phenomenon.

And last Sunday, a Houthi gunman killed his daughter under torture in Hajjah Governorate, which is under the control of the Houthis.

Local sources stated that the so-called “Ali Qassem Al-Maqri” tortured his daughter (a year and a half) in the Hajour area of the Koshar district and smashed her head before burning her body, according to the testimony of neighbors.

The sources indicated that the killer accused her mother in order to exonerate himself, as the militias took them to prison.

This crime is the second within 24 hours in Hajjah Governorate, where a child was killed by a sister in cold blood, Saturday, in the Bani Qais district, and local sources reported that “Ali Ahmed Al-Shamri” had killed his brother, the child, “Asil in cold blood” under the circumstances.  Mysterious.

On the same day, a psychiatric patient detonated a gas cylinder inside his house in the city of Dhamar, south of Sanaa, which resulted in casualties, including children, amid a noticeable increase in domestic violence crimes.

 Local sources reported that a psychiatric patient named “Amin Al-Adini” detonated a home gas cylinder inside an apartment he lived in in a 3-storey building, all crowded with residents.

The explosion, which took place in the Gaza neighborhood of Dhamar, killed the perpetrator and another person, and injured four others, including two children, all of whom are in intensive care in a hospital in the city and their conditions are critical, according to a medical source.

According to the sources, the incident occurred after a verbal altercation between the psychiatric patient, “Al-Adini” and his wife, following previous disputes, after which the wife left before the incident occurred.