Abyan.. An expanded meeting accuses the Minister of Interior of trying to return "Al-Qaeda" to "Lawdar"

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Abyan, NewsYemen

 Security, military and tribal leaders in Lawdar, in the Abyan governorate (southern Yemen), rejected the decision of Interior Minister Ibrahim Haidan to appoint a young man from outside the security corps as director of security, while accusing the minister of trying to return terrorism to the directorate.

This came during an expanded meeting held, on Tuesday, with the participation of security, military and tribal leaders in the Lawdar district.

The attendees confirmed that the "Loder" Directorate is being targeted by terrorist organizations, noting that the Director of Security, Colonel Al-Khader Homsan, made great efforts alongside the tribesmen in chasing down terrorist elements and securing the city.

They pointed out that Colonel Homsan worked hard alongside the tribes to establish security in the district, benefiting from his security competence and his social relations as he belongs to the same area.

They emphasized that the person whom the Interior Minister wants to replace Colonel Homsan in, in the position of director of the "Lawdar" security, does not belong to the security corps and is not present because he comes from another region, and is incompetent, in addition to being young.

The meeting cautioned that "Lawdar" lives in sensitive conditions and is targeted by terrorist groups, stressing their rejection of the decision and their adherence to the current director of security, and they also accused the Minister of Interior, "Haidan" of trying to return terrorism to the Directorate.