Houthi sniper kills Mrs. Shabeta in Taiz

English - السبت 01 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 05:12 م
Taiz – Newsyemen

Mrs. Shabetah Abdullah came out of her house, 55, to herd her livestock in her village in al-Qahaifah in Maqbana district, west Taiz province.

she came out to feed her family with water from one of the well in her village, a Houthi sniper had followed her steps since she came out her house.

A Houthi shot and killed Mrs. Shabetah to leave the life, her livestock, her six sons and two daughters.

Mrs. Shabetah was died immediately after a bullet entered her back to exit her chest. She and her children were depending on the selling of the livestock, like goats.