Army moves in Qaneya al-Wahbiya front in Baidha 

English - الخميس 29 نوفمبر 2018 الساعة 07:10 م
Al-Baidha – Newsyemen 

The government forces backed by the Arab Coalition warplanes made new move in Qaneya al-Wahbiya military front in al-Baidha province. 

A field source said to #Newsyemen that the military units of the 147th and 117th brigades launched violent attack on Houthi militias’ sites in Qaneya al-Wahbiya front.

The attack on the Houthi militias caused the liberation of a number of sites, including the hideouts of al-Qardai, al-Khader, al-Sud, al-Kharba, and al-Hama sites. 

A number of Houthi militias were killed or injured in the military clashes against them. Other Houthis fled and left their military vehicles and heavy weapons.