Al-Maliki : support to liberate al-Hodaidah city is going on 

English - Tuesday 27 November 2018 الساعة 09:16 am
Riyadh – Newsyemen 

Col. Turki al-Maliki, spokesman for the Arab Coalition said Monday Nov. 26. said that the support to liberate al-Hodaidah city is going on.

Al-Maliki told a news conference in Riyadh that Houthi militias were holed up in civilian areas, including mosques and hospitals in the city.

He pointed out that the Coalition's efforts continuing is to combat the Houthi terrorist threats, which do not seem to seek a political solution.

He pointed out that the Coalition forces destroyed dozens of landmines planted by the Houthi militias that threatens the navigation.

The official spokesman said it was issued 16 permits for ships heading to the ports of Yemen, carrying basic materials, medical and oil, adding that 12 air permits were issued and permits to provide protection.

He stressed that the militias deliberately disabling ships and unloading their cargo in al-Hodaidah and Salef port.